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Random Players Joining

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I know multiplayer options/preferences are still work in progress, but it there currently a way to prevent random players joining your game?

Had this happen a few times now with some negative outcomes; from destroying bases to stealing items and logging out. As they keep the items on them until they re-login, I wonder if there's a way you can reclaim their backpack as these players will not be returning to my world?

Blocking players doesn't prevent this as (on Xbox) they just need to Follow you, don't have to be friends, to join your game.

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Ok good to know I was getting random players join my game but I didn't realize they might've had me added. Happened to me once where I lost a ton of resources after I just planned the materials I needed to finish my base only to see my containers were empty -.- lol. +1 there should be a way to at least get back our loot since it is our servers they do join or they should at least have a mechanic where both players must have each other added in order to matchmake.

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