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Equipped Items Should Not Occupy Backpack Inventory Slots

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First, I am 80 hours in and love playing the game!  Thanks for update 1.2 which fixed the dew collector, mushroom garden, etc. spawning issues. I am very excited for future content in the game. 

I would like to suggest that if any armor, weapon or tool items are equipped in the inventory screen (placed in the arm or armor slots) those items should no longer occupy any of the backpack inventory slots.  Currently, any equipped item also occupies a backpack inventory slot as well.  My thinking is that if a player equips an item in the arm or armor slots, they are "taking out" the item from the backpack inventory to use so that item should no longer occupy one of the backpack inventory slots.  This would allow players to have more backpack inventory slots.

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I agree. Doing this will create its own issues, but will be more realistic. If you have something in your hand, or are wearing it, it shouldn't be in your backpack. If you have your tools and armor, there isn't much space left for collecting resources.

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8 hours ago, FanaticalUK said:

I'd like to add Auto-requip when picking up the armor as well. Might not be super realistic but when you are running to try and grab dropped loot from between spiders it's kind of helpful if you can survive being attacked.

i don't think that should be added.  more realistic the way it is. 

Agree equipped items should not take up inventory slots. 

Also to add to this if your backpack is full and you die, whatever you're holding in your hands and wearing should drop.  If you don't pick them up when you collect your backpack they should have an expiration timer,  say like 15 minutes real time and then they're gone.  Should give players enough time to remember they forgot to grab those things and retrieve them.

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