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The dew not generating is game breaking bug needing a priority hotfix.  Only hydration is drinking dirty water.




Other bugs in version 0.1.1


Water containers made from acorn shells not working. I cannot drink from them directly. It says I cannot mix liquids when trying to drink from them.

Scone lights not functional they no longer glow.

Weeds not regenerating.

Lady bugs not regenerating (Repopulating.)

Quartzite not regenerating.

Juice drops vanishing.

Wolf spiders spawning where the oak tree lab entrance is. For new players with no gear they one shot players. 

Berries not harvestable underwater.


Thank you for reading I look forward to playing this awesome game again. I can't right now do to these game breaking bugs. I look forward to a hotfix. Thank you.








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I have also experienced issues with dew collectors, mushroom gardens, and a lack of dew generated on grass.  Additionally, I have the issue that a full Water Container (specifically filled with dew) is not allowing me to use it.  I get the "can't mix different liquids" notification.  This occurs despite not having the canteen selected, and as a test I removed the canteen from my inventory, selected "Slurp" from the water container, and still received the can't mix different liquids response.  This has resulted in a full water container not being directly accessible.  I am still able to access the water using an empty canteen, but no direct access is possible, regardless of whether the canteen is equipped or even present in my inventory.

As a note, all items (dew collector, water container, and mushroom farm) were built prior to the 0.1.1 patch update on PC.  These issues are reported for Single player; however, I have also experienced some of these issues in multiplayer with two people.  Interestingly, the host could not see dew on the grass, but I could.  Despite this, neither he or I could actually access them.  He never saw them, and I would hold E for Slurp and never use the entity.  Preexisting dew collectors were not functioning; however, a newly built (after patch) collector did produce dew.  New and old mushroom farms seemed to stop after one yield after the patch.  I did not test the water container in this session because I was not aware of the issue.

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It's quite upsetting to me that this didn't already get a hotfix today, as it warrants a full rollback.  Maybe the devs don't realize it, but the game is utterly unplayable outside creative.  Without any way to hydrate... I mean, I relied on mushrooms for food, and dew collectors for water.  Both are gone.  I've eaten my store of acorn bits, and acorns don't spawn anymore, so no more of those.  The huge cache of mushrooms at the porch hasn't respawned for me, and I'd already turned all of those into smoothies, which I've already drained for fluids.

This sort of issue, that completely breaks gameplay, should be a mega top priority, but I've not even seen an official acknowledgement of it, beyond one mentioning a stuck time issue, which I've not had, yet, and am not looking forward to.

If there's a way to manually roll back, at least we could keep moving forward in single player.  I realize 1.1 fixed some things, but in the process, broke the game utterly.  I'd rather go back to science not respawning and being able to progress in other areas, until both issues can be fixed.

Hopefully there will be a resolution tomorrow.  Friday I was really looking forward to a weekend in the back yard with the bugs, but it's been unplayable all weekend, sadly.

Oh, yeah, and my base, totally inaccessible to ants, now had the remainder of my food stores stolen by them, right out of the chests, with them nowhere near being inside the base.  Joy.

TOTALLY love the concept of this game, and I realize early access is GOING to have issues.  But, one side of those issues is building a rapport with the players and a process to address serious ones quickly.  I remember game breaking things (nobody can anticipate everything) in other games' updates, but usually if the update came out Thursday, by Monday, Tuesday at the absolute latest, there was a hotfix.  And prior to that, a very easy to find announcement from staff saying, "Yep, we borked it... working on a fix!"  Knowing it's being worked on is usually enough for the player base to relax about it.

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Same, no respawn from dew collector/mushroom farming  (sap collector too) etc and aphid too !!! It's a shame i have to kill 10 aphids... starting to get angry with all the bugs... can't play without being each time stucked cause of a bug for each quest...

(2 ladybugs respawned after the patch, and now, they are all gone again)

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Same problems in my game.  

no dew 

no drops on leaves

no mushroom farms working

acorns not spawning back

no flower pedals spawning back

weeds are not regrowing 

too many ants respawning in ant hill causing low FPS and kicking friends out of the game. 

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We just need to be patient fixing a bug takes time even a list full of them take alot of time.  Reason why some devs refuse to give ETA's cause if the problem is more severe then normal it will take weeks or months to fix. 


We just need to be patient and wait for the hotfix.

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