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Hello everyone,

Some time ago I've created a Google Sheet with the automatic level progression for all the story companions in the game. I this spreadsheet I've noted all the options each companion would automatically take at each level if automatic leveling is enabled (took me quite a lot to do this through console commands), as well its Skill Points allocation and its starting equipment.

Now I would like to take this thing up a notch, and insert as well an example of end-game gear each companion should wear. The problem is, I'm not so savvy about equipment in Pillars of Eternity, since I still haven't finished the game once (I'm currently at the beginning of Act III), thus I thought that someone here could help me with this project by pointing out the best equipment for each character.

Before you (hopefully) start commenting on the sheet I have just two limitations about the equipment: since this is more intended for role-play than optimization the various companions must keep their "iconic" equipment (those item's with their names on it, or otherwise named after their background, like the Saint's War Armor or Massuk Hunting Bow), and also the type of weapon and/or armor can't be changed (for example, if a character comes with a brigadine and a estoc it can't equip a padded armor and a pike in the end-game).

That said I hope to find someone who can help me with this project. If you have questions about it just ask away, I don't bite.

Thank you in advance for your help and time.

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The restrictions on types I think is unnecessary.  I'll give the developers credit that they didn't make 'gimped' characters like in (example) NWN2 but I don't see why if someone starts with an Estoc and brigandine that we should limit our ideas to what they started with.  I also don't like starting with iconic named items because they are not Soulbound and so their power does not scale until the end of the game.  You can enchant them to superb etc but their base abilities don't scale to what you find (and enchant) later in the game.


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