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How big will the story be?

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So, here's something that is probably a minority opinion, but...I really love the world of Grounded.  It's an inspired take on the survival genre, and I've really loved exploring the backyard and figuring out what plants and bug bits can be made into what.

But I'm not actually a fan of the survival genre.  I really don't get any pleasure out of base building (In fact, my base consists of a short, half-hearted length of wall that I gave up on, one workbench, two storage chests and a lean-to.  That's it.  If I had my time again, I wouldn't bother building the wall.) and I dislike open-ended games where you just muck around until you run out of content and lose interest.

I am, primarily, a story-driven gamer.  It's why I like Obsidian games so much.  So I'm really hoping that as it gets updated, Grounded gets a deep and detailed story to go along with the survival mechanics.

Ideally, there'd be a whole society of shrunken people surviving in the backyard, with NPCs and quests and choices and consequences.  But I get that it's not an RPG.  Although a Grounded RPG would be super awesome.  Spinoff?

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