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I am playing on Xbox one X. My game is having some issues: 1) the door of the oak laboratory closed after I did a quest of the robot. 2) When I create a clay foundation, I cant put structures on the top of it. 3) When a berry get into the water I cant pick the berry chuncks cause the option to use the axe is disabled. 4) when I get in a place with a lot of insects togheter ( such as an ant nest, for example) my game start to freeze. 5) Sometimes when I fighting a big insect ( ladybug, spider,etc) and it get with low healt the insect glitches and run without phisics) and then the healt restart full. 6)the time on my game stopped working and the things are not respawning. 7) my game is always showing high ping but I have good network speed. I cant play anymore cause the time issue is the worst problem and I dont wanna to restart the game 😭.

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I'm having the same problems except for the time that keeps ticking on my game.

Hopefully the hotfix doesn't force a game over again I'm on my 3rd and every time I have a base that I've really worked hard on and that's good stuff.

I will also add that on one of my parts, the anthill does not produce any eggs ... I killed all the ants to try to make the colony respawn but nothing helps.
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My isssues, but great game:

- oak lab is locked after i used it several times

- when i enter oak lab by cave, full inventary is lost or gone and you have no option to find anything

- save in oak lab didnt work when u find a way to enter

- got 40 or more larva next to base ande where their spor is are more, game fully lags nearly completly, when u make them angry they destroy a base if they can

- drop of part like ladybug head is really rare

- i got twice mint in the box, is that normal?

- actually i think my water production produces no water

- actual i have no time!!!

Thats nearly all i think, overall the game is beautiful! Please add more Insects, Babyinsects, tame insects and continue in other places/maps or get to other gardens. Overall its an awesome expirience!!!

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