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So far, Im glued and loving this game.  However, I think there are some QOL features that would make things better.

1. The ability to sort your inventory/chest/container by type/quantity/name?

2. The ability to move items/furniture you placed in your base next to recycling.

3. a mini-map so I dont have to press M often when Im turned around?

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I agree completely.


Even if the mini map was a science research objective(so you could earn it) using some the science points you get. I would still be happy. I'd feel satisfied knowing I earned it.  But a mini map is a must.


I'd like to see auto deposit into chest with a sorting system for sure. Terraria deposit all style. I think it would make life so much easier.

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I would even take a compass. The amount of times i've found myself going in circles is insane.

I would be running from a spider just to round a rock or leaf and run into the big massive wolf spider I was running from to begin with. 

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A minimap is a great idea, but i would rather like to see it as a holdable prop, (like in far cry 2 for ex.)

, instead of a hud element.

Also a more detailed map would be nice too!

Like a satellite map, but maybe bit less extreme (simplified visually)


Anyways this game has much potential and

having multiple options for (any type of) features,

is a must in itself.


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