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Multiplayer Saving for everyone

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I would like to see the possibility, that everyone in a multiplayer game can save the game. For example, Journey to the Savage Planet did exactly that. Everyone could save the multiplayer game at any given time. That way if the coop partner wants to flesh out the base a little bit he can do that. Next time the coop partner can host the game and I save the current game for myself.

Currently all participants have no interest in playing with the host, since all the progression is only on the host side.

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Agreed. My GF and I have been playing together. Her on the Xbox and me on my Laptop. We've built bases and accumulated quite a stash. Since i hosted, if she wants to play while i'm at work she can't load the game we have together. If we had this ability she could solo  and we could pick up together where she left off.


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