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There is a HUGE flaw in whatever system keeps count of the total number of insects on the map.

its now gotten to the point where anytime I go near a larvae pod, there’s at least 30-50 in the area and it works my GPU to its limits, which shouldn’t be happening seeing as I spent $2000 on this PC. It also causes both my friend on XBOX and me on PC to have a crazy amount of lag anytime we go near a cluster of larvae.

Please introduce a more realistic food chain, have some of the bugs attack each other so my game doesn’t continue to get overloaded from the number of bugs on the map. It would even make more sense for the spiders to eat some of the bugs, like they do in real life!

I really enjoy this game, but not at the cost of my PC.

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We definitely need to see hostile insects that actively hunt certain insects. Really it just boils down to the fact that every update will need to have 10% of focus on fine tuning ecosystem complexity. Everything tends to balance out and now humans(the most powerful source of imbalance) in the world are actively effecting these creatures. Sadly this will be a forever project as each new insect will need predators and prey to properly mimic real world cycles. Luckily there is plenty of cross over and they already have the basics of the food chains in the game. Now we just need to beef up their interactions with each other. I don't really see spiders legit hunt or trap other insects. They only exist as a threat to the player. The wife and I have seen a burrow with 6 worker ants 2 mites and a sleeping spider. There is no way there wouldn't be all out war in that burrow in reality. I would honestly prefer updates to how everything interacts with each other before even adding a new creature to the game. Especially considering the intellect of spiders and ants.

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