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Hello all,

I have been playing Grounded for serveral hours. Explored the map, got some loot 😎, I just.. played.

Now what happend after putting some things up.  The Larvas kept spawning and spawning dropping on my base, they swarmed and broke everything.

This is an insane party pooper for me. This is a bug that has to be fixed within the next patch to make the game playable.   

I am not sure if some other spawners are as worse as the larvas but in my opinion this one has to be fixed.

Let me know about your experience.



Larva attack.jpg

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I'm also experiencing a similar situation that you are having but on the Xbox. Once I built spikes around my base there was a big swarm of larva that spawned and tried to destroy my base, sometimes there is a big swarm of soldier ants instead. It's very frustrating.

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