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So far i have enjoyed this game, as an avid survival player i feel there could be a few UI fixes. instead of pressing LB to open a radial menu for item use or "hot bar" at the bottom of the screen when playing, have the first four slots accessed by the dpad, makes switching weapons/items a lot smoother than the radial menu, the second set of four slots can be accessed by holding the LB and pressing, "y'x'a'b" buttons. the map is nice, and i like the use of trail markers, perhaps give the option in the map to add and delete custom waypoints. the drinking animation is too long, perhaps shorten it up by two seconds, kinda sucks being in the middle of a fight and then have to spend 5 seconds having to drink dirty water.  

water/food consumption is a lot less when just staying up through the hrs of 22:00 to 8:00 am instead of using the leanto, not a bad concept, so i guess its a "balance" of sleeping, i dont wake up hungry n stuff in the morning, but also mayhaps the dandilions, or the spores it produces could be used to slow the fall or decent from hopping off a cliff or a high spot kind of like a parachute. 
I do enjoiy the different ways of crafting, using the analyzer, and then finding the robot to get new things to build, im happy with the quests it gives since its refreshing instead of just grind towards a boss like ark. but in a bit of the same think like ark as far as UI goes, im happy without having to get exp for levels, and to unlock stuff.

I think you all have a solid game going, plus im used to holding left trigger to aim and right trigger to fire, so thats something new, but for the devs, please make the hotbar better than having a radial menu to switch......please look into ark evolved and take some inspiration from there

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