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The biggest issues, so far with Xbox. This is from the perspective of two person multiplayer, wife hosting game, myself joining her.

- Lag spike, resulting in occasional kick from game.

- Noticed I'll have what appears to be rubberbanding, again probably due to lag spike.  Pretty bad now. Just FYI pushing 200mbps, so my internet shouldn't be the issue. 

- Noticed when you dropped weed planks, they would disappear through the ground, but if you chucked them and then picked back up and drop seemed to work like normal.

- wife dropped thistle out of her inventory on the ground and I couldn't see them to pick up, but she could....

- Spiders, Ants etc seem to get stuck inside rocks, especially around the pond area.

- The juice coming out of juice boxes, seem to be glitching...

- Where our base is setup, we don't have storage chests yet etc. Is there a way to maybe tone down the items being kicked across the map...also think that maybe having too many items in one area on the ground(as a storage area), contributes to the lag spikes or at least the rubber banding.

- Also experienced the issue of being stuck in a spiderweb, despite harvesting it, resulting in no web left....had to die to fix it. Figure it was worth mentioning so you know its happening on Xbox as well.

-Raw Science alert, noticed during one ply session, wasn't being alerted to the raw science nearby, but my wife was. I believe we both should be alerted if we are next to each other and the Raw Science is in proximity. 

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