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Raw science and burg.l missing completely

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Ok I’ll give as much detail as possible as I love this game so far and would love to see it succeed. 

platform - Xbox one

console type - original Xbox one

download type - gamepass download

difficulty - mild and medium

1) missing raw science (pink floating orbs) - this is missing from 3 of 3 games I’ve started since 7-28 release. I’ve started game types solo on 7-28-20 (2 games with max and ally) both games progressed past current story line after meeting burg.l and never seen the orbs. The 3rd game I started on 7-29-20 was a multiplayer game and had the raw science orb s for the first day of play up to the point the game crashed and had to be reloaded. Once reloaded no more raw science could be located in the known spots.

2) Burg.L missing - this occurred in the ally game started on 7-28-20 which has progressed past the initial story and been saved and loaded over a dozen times and just randomly disappeared though he may have been attacked once prior to disappearing in this game. In the 2nd game started on 7-29-20 which was a multiplayer the game was saved at burg.l’s location in the lab (after completing the initial story) and then reloaded on 7-30-20 and burg.l was missing at the time of reload. The 3rd game which was the first game ever started on the console on 7-28-20 which was a solo play still has burg.l currently even after saving and reloading over a dozen times. 

both of these are pretty game breaking and while I know the burg.l missing is a concern being investigated I hope the details help with investigation and the raw science may be investigated as well.

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I don't know if this helps - PC version - but when I encountered the no Science bug, I tried numerous things like un-installing & re-installing, locating saved game files and deleting, resetting the settings within game, trying diff characters, etc... nothing seemed to help. But when I went from playing solo to creating/hosting a multi play game with just myself in the server all the Raw Science showed up. Once that happed, I saved the game and then reloaded as a solo player again on the same save and the science was still there. Still playing on that world now and so far so good.

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