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Suggestions to the devs

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I'm going to start by saying this is a really nice and fun game to play, spent around 20h on the first days of the release, exploring, building and testing the mechanics. The setting is really cool, the "Pixaresque" art style goes really well here. The story is short (so far) but I'm eager to learn more! A Roadmap to show how the updates are gonna be laid out would help tremendously.

Down below are my suggestions on gameplay improvements, what I personally would like to see added and a small or content update I came up with.

Quality of Life

  • Equipment such as armor and weapon should not take up an inventory slot. General idea, the thing you are wearing cant also be in the bag right? 
  • Hotbar crafting, e.g. if you have a torch on hotbar slot 1 and it breaks, pressing "1" again will fast craft it if one has the ingredients for it. Same for any consumable item like the bandages etc.
  • Sorting options, both in chests and inventory. Also making it auto-stack with existing stacks.
  • Drop all button for a stack, so u can share stacks of arrows quickly or food etc and not have to drop one at a time.
  • Crafting "x" amount button is needed aswell same reason as above, that one could make a stack of arrows quickly.
  • A system where crafting auto-detects ingredients in nearby storage containers. Cuts down on the inventory sim. 
  • Show time left on downed allies.
  • Compass marker.
  • Slime mold torch should work underwater?



  • Character abilities / feats - 4 unique teens that stand out, adding abit of depth to the selection creating for unique gameplay with different setups for co-op and single player experiences.
  • Wheelbarrows / Sleds - Something to bring with you to carry planks and stems.
  • Weapons - More tiers. More weapon types, E.g. Crossbows, 1-handed / 2-handed varients of swords / maces / axes, Shields, Slings etc.
  • Weapon abilities - Essentially a alternative fire option, e.g. Spear with a charge attack. Club with a overhead swing. Sword with a spin attack. to diversify the weapon types.
  • Armor - More unique one-piece gear like the Aphid slippers, Eg. Mining helm made from fire flies.
  • Rideable insects - Ant pets, ladybug jousting, wolf spider hunting parties so many options ran through my head here and this could be a really fun addition to the game. 
  • Decoy items - Consumable item to throw either away from you or on to the attacking creature to lure it or repel it away.
  • Craftable bags - Increase inventory space by crafting.
  • Crafting materials - Sand, Mud, Clay, Plastics(?), Mining ore etc.
  • Base building - Different tiers of house building, creating for unique building options. More shapes for different materials. Fences, Pillars, Ladders, Trapdoors. Stair options, Ramps. 2nd tier of stockpiles which can carry more planks / Stems. 
  • Interior building - Beds, Chairs, Tables, Chandeliers, Tiers of storage containers - chest/cupboard etc, Carpets, Paintings, Display cases. 
  • Decoration - Painting, color chests, interiors etc. 
  • Boats - Make leaf boats to cross water areas. 
  • Weather system - Rain, terrifying water just crashing down. Fog, seasonal themed weather e.g. snow. 
  • Weather system 2.0 - Hard ask here -  rain could fill up trenches and alter the yard experience after it rains. 
  • Bosses - Ant queens, Broodmother spider, Infected lady bug etc. Some progression bosses made to fit the story arc or as world bosses. 
  • Invasions - event where one has to defeat a swarm of ants, or other insect life.


Generally more of everything but to name a few.

  • Flying  - Bees, dragonflies, fire flies, hornets. mosquitos, moths
  • Ground - Worms, centipede, beetles, 
  • Aquatic - Fish (to make water dangerous and scary), Striders, tadpoles, water beetles

DLC Idea / Event Idea

Lost and found

Where players can find lost toys that through time have been forgotten and found by insects that drag it home to their bases. Either like action figure weapons and armor that have unique stats on it, or more Lego's themed pieces both tools and weaponry. 


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I would LOVE to have weather be a thing. Imagine waking up with a foggy mist all around. Or how about the additional threat of wind taking you for a ride as you grip your tuft. Rain would change a lot of the lower areas and maybe even open up new hidden areas that are only reachable in the rain.

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