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Animal Suggestions, Armor, Tools, Weapons, Etc

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I was thinking you could make a saddle and ride a lizard(gecko)  like a mount, but you could also maybe there claws into weapons and there hide into armor, or maybe you could make a new part of the tree like a hole in the tree where you could find a sleeping owl during night with parts of its feathers on the floor and make that a glider or armor and you could take its talons, for the shed you could add rats and be able to make armor or weapons from that, there is plenty of possibilities maybe even put a snake event and be able to make snake weapons.

For the armor the rat could have the ability jump boost

Owl Armor could have flight ability(Gliding)

Lizard armor could have the ability Hyper speed, since there so hard to catch

Snake armor could have resistance to poison

keep up the great work, my friends and I love the game

P.S. Make it so mushroom tops are bouncy

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