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On 7/31/2020 at 4:08 AM, xXGoLdEnDrA9OnXx said:

I am loving this game but i have encountered a bug. Whenever I'm on top of something that a spider can't reach or a big insect, and i shoot an arrow at it, it just runs away until it disappears. It runs, turns around to comeback, then runs until it disappears, it does this everytime. I'm playing on Xbox One X.

That's not really a bug. It's just the game AI not letting you cheese everything. If a bug cant get close enough to you after you aggro themĀ it will just run away to regen health. First time I saw this was when I tried to cheese my first spider kill with the bow. I'd get a handful of shots off then spidey would go into the grass to regen then patrol back where I aggroed it. My advice, Orb Weavers are big pussies, if you have the ant club they are an easy fight. Wolf Spiders are the real enemy.

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Playing on Xbox one. I haven't seen any other mention so far, and by all accounts I may be wrong, but it seems that all of the lady bugs have stopped spawning in my save.

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