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Hi everyone, after looking into companions classes changes, i found a mod that wasnt self explanatory but that lists and make you able do download separately  the classe changes of your companions.

I got you the link to the mod and the list of possibilities :

Note : Some people may know this mod but for newcomers or people coming for a last run it could be useful to know there is those options easily at hand. 😇




1st pack :

- Wizard (Evoker)

- Sorcerer (Evoker + Fury)

- Arcane Knight (Wizard + Shieldbearer)


2nd pack :

- Wizard

- Wizard - Trickster

- Trickster


3rd pack :

- Add Tactician instead of fighter



1st pack

- Unbroken

- Streetfighter

- Unbroken/Streetfighter


2nd pack : (i disagree so much RP speaking but i have to write it down)

-Paladin (Kind Wayfarer)

-Priest (Eothas)

-Templar (Kind Wayfarer + Eothas)



Added the troubadour subclass and the Fanatic (paladin/beserker) option to Pallegina



Added Assassin Subclass



Added Nalpazca/Trickster subclasses



1st pack

- Arcane Archer
- Arcane Archer/Helwalker
- Arcane Archer/Tactician

2nd pack :

- Fighter

- Skald

- Warcaller (with Skald subclass)

3rd pack :

- Changed Rekke's Fighter choice to be Ranger with Ghost Heart Subclass

- Change Rekke's Fighter/Monk choice to Ghost Heart/Helwalker

- Added subclasses to fighter/barbarian choice : Devoted/Berserker 



1st pack :

- Serafen Mindstalker (Wild Mind + Rogue) instead of Barbarian

2nd pack :

- Cipher (Wild Mind)
- Mindstalker (Beguiler + Arcane Trickster)
- Psyblade (Soul Blade + Fighter)



- Watershaper to Fury
- Added Barbarian/Troubadour



Adds the Beckoner and Trickster subclass to Vatnir


1st pack

Changed Priest subclass to Eothas
Changed Monk to Paladin with Shieldbearers subclass
Changed Xoti's Lantern to give Zeal instead

2nd pack

Changes Xoti classes to Priest (Gaun) and Paladin (Shieldbearers)



Added Fury subclass



Cipher/Rogue, Cipher and Rogue options:

- Trickster

- Beguiler


  • II) Also only available directly from the steam workshop :


Changes Rogue to Ranger (Stalker)




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In addition, only on the steam workshop you can have the followings :


Changes Aloth's alternate classes from [Wizard/Rogue] and [Wizard/Fighter] to [Wizard/Priest of Woedica] and [Wizard/Steel Garrote Paladin]


1st Pack :

Changes to Priest (Eothas) + Fighter (Unbroken) / Unbroken + Shattered Pillar

2nd Pack

Changes to Ranger (Stalker) and Fighter (Unbroken)

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8 hours ago, Kohwalter said:

At some point I gave up updating on both steam and nexus and focused only on steam (much more user friendly to update tbh). So steam workshop had more updates and changes.

Could you reconsider? Workshop exclusivity ****s over GOG, Origin, Discord and Mac Store users. Nexusmods' UX isn't perfect, but uploading a new .zip every now and then is painless and would be much appreciated.

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