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Can Obsidian, can we get Pillars of Eternity 2 on GeForce NOW?

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Hey guys and gals of Obsidian, I would love if you could add Pillars of Eternity 2 to the GeForce NOW catalog. Pillars 1 is already on the platform, but I would really enjoy playing Pillars 2 on it.


Thank you guys for keeping RTWP alive, and knowing what the fans of the old infinity engine games loved about them, I wish you guys were called for BG3.

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Hey everyone,

Unfortunately for Deadfire, Nvidia and Versus Evil were unable to come to an agreement that would allow for Deadfire or any other Versus Evil titles to be on the GeForce Now platform.  I reached out to Versus Evil and they said that for the moment, they don't have plans for games on GeForce Now, but it's possible that it could happen in the future if they can come to an agreement.

I hope this helps clarify the future of Deadfire on GeForce Now and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this can happen.

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ANGRY! so much! ... tried to play in on my new company notebook and it still runs like doo doo. 

maan, can we get this game on some cloud gaming platform .. my goodness! 

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