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So I've been playing the game for around 19 hours now, and have run into what I believe is a bug that makes the main story line non-progressable. I've completed nearly every side-quest in Monarch to my knowledge, and when trying to finally finish the main quest on the planet, 'Radio Free Monarch' after getting the Iconoclasts to cease their transmissions and sorting Sanjar's quests, I'm told via the Journal to return to Hiram the Information Broker. Earlier after leaving Devil's Peak for the first time I accidentally shot C3 and ended up having to kill his team, to which Nyoka said something like "Hiram's not going to be happy about this..." or such, but I didn't think much of it since my standing with SubLight is mostly positive (60%:15% or something), and yet when I approached Devil's Peak to turn in, all his guards attacked me, and I likewise had to kill them. Now, upon trying to reenter to talk to Hiram and turn in the mission, his elevator is locked, the intercom doesn't work, and I have no means of accessing the upper floor where Hiram is at, neither through the elevator, which simply says 'Locked', nor the platform of boxes you jump down from to get out initially. This is extremely frustrating, as it's made the main quest essentially unplayable, basically breaking the game. I can still do side quests, but being pretty early on, with only 19 or so hours under my belt (most of which being side-quests since this is pretty early) is INCREDIBLY annoying and makes me wonder what Obsidian is doing. A bug like this is completely unacceptable in my eyes, and while I know it's a complex game, there's just no other way around the fact this is horse****. I really hope a bug this big gets fixed right away, I've only had the game for two days, passing refund time (which I would've done), and I really actually do love the game for its content. If anyone has a workaround or quick fix that doesn't involve modding, please illuminate, or if I'm just being a dumbass and am missing something. Obsidian... C'mon now. 

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