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Obsidian, thank you so much.

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I just want acknowledge, How awesome you guys are. I literally have been waiting and searching for a single player game, that has an interesting story and writing since the Witcher. I have to say Obsidian you knocked it OUT of the park with The OUTerworlds. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say this, Thank you so much. Thank you for putting so much hard work and effort into this and every game you do. I will forever be, playing Obsidian games for the rest of my life. You guys are what we want out of the gaming industry right now, you made a game, put so much in it, no other added transactions, and YOU FINISHED THE DAMN GAME. I can only hope that you guys will start a trend and bring this type of passion back to the industry. You guys are the best gaming company right now in my opinion and its not even close. I hope you guys continue to make great games and always put the heart and passion in all of them. Thank you Obsidian so much.



a simple gamer

P.S - Gonna go play the Outerworlds now 


I wanted to you ask everyone's opinion on Obsidian and how they compare to rest of the industry? good and/or bad. lets keep it civil too.

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Thanks for this kind affirmation Chris. I know the Devs are most grateful when members of the community not only enjoy their creativity, but take the time to share such as you have!

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- Marcus Aurelius (161)


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