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Can you help and explain me. Wanna try made run with two player in my team. First player - class barbarian with two-handed weapon. Second player - think with 2x Fire weapons and bombs, don't know with what class.

Please guys help me, what classes/multi-classes would be good in Path of the Damned mode? Already done game as solo rogue/priest, but wanna do run with barb 2H wep and fires weapons. What multiclass for barbarian and for 2xwep/bombs player?

Maybe barbarian/priest with 2H and druid/ranger with 2x fire weps and bombs?

Can you detailted answer please! 

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Don't worry too much about making a "bad" choice, even on Path of the Damned. Just focus on what you want to play and optimize that. Your question otherwise is way too open-ended, and mostly just sounds like to me a concern that you are worried about making an unviable character.

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Since its duo, a thing to consider is relative ease (as soon as level 8) to obtain immunity to being flanked, and being flanked is not nice. From here synergy with such immunity could be explored. In particular, Fighter subclass Tactician. DW with bombs could thus be Swashbuckler, Trickster/Tactician for example, while 2H Brute, Berserker/Tactician. There are, irrc, two 1H weapons granting immunity to being flanked and one armor. Armor for the Brute and one of the 1H weapons, tho not fire, for Swashbuckler. the role of bombs would be crucial as it would allow for afflicting flanked condition on multiple target to trigger Brilliant, resource regeneration, for Tactician. If 2H would not need to be Barbarian, but could be Fighter, than it would open up other options, Tactician/<insert affliction able subclass>.


As thelee said, decide your playstyle, goal, and don't mess character creation :) Well, I dont think its that simple but, you've done solo rogue/priest so you know what you are up for, however, let me note that its sometimes easier to reset, or lets say control, a fight for solo character than it is for a party. The way I do parties, duos included, is by looking for synergies or a theme or enhancements, for something that, in my mind, connects the team. 

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