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Dear Obsidian 

In response to your fantastic game, please consider my priority list for The Outer World 2.

Please please include;

Customisation of the SHIP! or possibly the ability to build a ship from scratch!? 

A Player Home: How about we can terraform a moon and build a settlement/moon base? Implement some of the 'build' software from Grounded? 

More of ADA! 😍

And generally more of everything! More planets, moons, stations - a new star system maybe? 


Awesome work! Love this game! Everyone boycott Bethesda and all hail Obsidian!! 


P.S. - Please join forces with CD Project Red and make an epic open-world high fantasy game to rival the burnt out franchise that is The Elder Scrolls? 😏


Further suggestions encouraged in the comments..


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On 5/24/2020 at 9:12 PM, DanielPaul89 said:

Customisation of the SHIP! or possibly the ability to build a ship from scratch!? 

A Player Home: How about we can terraform a moon and build a settlement/moon base? Implement some of the 'build' software from Grounded? 

So, most of those sound to me like big ideas that sound great in marketing, but are a money sink production wise and don't add much to an actual gameplay. Building a ship or colony... in an RPG? Keep mechanics in every RPG so far is just waste of space and resources - either do Space RPG where you ship is your character, or focus on where the gameplay is: aka your party. Grounded is survival game, OW is an RPG. Quite different games, with different objectives and fun-factors. That all sounds like Fallout4, which is not appealing. 

What already is in OW could certainly be expanded on - meaning your ship reflecting your actions outside to remind you of your choices and companions you have gathered. That's of course assuming OW2 would follow the same formula, which it doesn't have to.

On 5/24/2020 at 9:12 PM, DanielPaul89 said:

Please join forces with CD Project Red and make an epic open-world high fantasy game to rival the burnt out franchise that is The Elder Scrolls? 😏

Now that's just silly. Let's ignore impossility of this merger from business perspective, and just focus on creative side - so you want CD project RPG or Obsidian RPG? And what does it have to do with Elder Scrolls? What Witchers are, what Obsidian games are and what Elder Scrolls are, are quite different RPG types. As far as I am concerned Elder Scrolls never became relevant when compared to Witcher series or Obsidian games... but then again, I simply don't enjoy Bethesda's design. Still, coming back to CDR and Obsidian - putting multiple talented studios on the same project sounds like a recepy for disaster as they will want different things from the project. We have Cain and Boyarsky as leads - that's enough. 

As to my wishes for OW2 - more depth. Tim Cain knows how to design a deep RPG with world reacting to characters we create. So I would like to see more of this Tim Cain craziness in OW2 we all loved in Arcanum or Bloodlines - have characters with different builds interact differently with the enviroment rather then do the same thing slightly different. I would happily trade a bit of polish for more memorable experience, though of course, there is a reason why OW sold well, while Troika shut down. 

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Heavy confusion.

Base building and ship customizetion sounds like post release free pach perks, so the 3d artist do not get bored.

For TOW2 i would rather focus on aspect which was working fine and enhance them like:

  • The combat is actually fun, so just more guns mods, maybe  pimp power of companions super attacks.
  • Add mid game moddable Infinity Gaunlet for out hero so we can use Jedi Powers on our enemies. Every game is better if you can shoot lighting or push enemies off the cliff.
  • more planets with versalite habitat, like ice planet, lava level, cloud city, water planet(under and above)
  • more enemies types and designed boss fights. more memorable big monsters/robots.
  • more companions to catch them all with loyality quests and fun interaction.
  • keep going with ranks in organization and unlocking benefit for sideing with one or another.

There could be something like collecting troophies so you can make your ship interior pretier but it also could be post release

Since our ship is our home developing base is redutant.

Since moding ship will have no purpose it will be a waste of resources, other than "you need to do 4 planets to collect enought cash to pimp your ride and proceed with plot" (if old sheme works do not change it 😉 )

Or... The Groundbreaker ve been destroyed! Only You can help to rebuild it by collecting resources and refugees to unlock shops and questgivers, and make Pavarti happy by all night drinking. That is some plot device.


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I just hope that microsof will give them a big budget to make The Outer Worlds 2, so that we can have a much bigger world to explore, more different ways to achieve our quests and to acquire leverage on people, with a deeper karma / reputation / faction system. Also, romance options and different storylines outcomes for our companions would be great. Depending on our actions and way to talk and play with them, we could either seduce them, make them start to hate us, make them your slaves, or even push one to become our enemy etc.

Some optional mods for ship could be fun too, like cloaking device for staying undetected, jamming systems for safe comms, personal drug lab to create our own medicines or cultivation room to grow plants, there's a lot of interesting things they could allow us to do with our ships in terms of customization and gameplay.

Since we're always known as the Unreliable's Captain everywhere we go, it's hard to do everything we want , say what we want, or just doing anything without everybody else knowing it, and even if it was a convenient thing for the plot, I think a different approach for a second game would open new doors in terms of choices and gameplay.

The unreliable shouldn't be as famous as the millenium falcon, the normandy or any other ship, because it's just a ****ty old cargo which doesn't represent any threat.

In my opinion we should be able to either change the identification name of the ship by stealing another ship's id or hacking into some specific computer in a spatioport, either find ways to erase all records of our ships travels, either get some special hidden quests with specific characters which would allow us to land the ship somewhere else and visit some locations without people knowing who we are or where we come from.

Also, the scientific special weapons were a good idea, but I'd love them to push it further. Maybe add some riddles / puzzle games and side quests to unlock weapons' full potential, and why not even give them additionnal effects and combos depending on our characters abilities and actions, so they could kind of evolve with us.

We could even have AI weapons, babies from ADA and our beloved cleaner robot.


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Speaking of wishful thinking, what I'd love to see in this universe is a Starflight™ story--in which a mystery is unraveled, planet by planet, star-system by star-system, where a bomb of immense proportions lies somewhere in the cosmos--and you, the player, have to follow clues laid down in ancient alien ruins and elsewhere, in many different star systems, to unravel the mystery and discover the location of the Universe Bomb and find it and dismantle it.  On the way to doing that, you run into alien species--some friendly, some hostile, discover new life, and trade at depots throughout the universe to advance your engines, weapons, communications and so on, all in preparation of penetrating the bombmakers and putting an end to their plot to end Time!

Anyone who has ever played Starflight™ knows exactly what I'm talking about! 

It's very well known that I don't make mistakes, so if you should stumble across the odd error here and there in what I have written, you may immediately deduce--quite correctly--that I did not write it... :biggrin:

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Dear Obsidian! ( In advance, sorry for my English, because I'm Russian)

I really hope that you will read my wishes, because your game hit my soul and I think not only for me.

I just hope that microsoft will give you a big budget to make The Outer Worlds 2 to realize all your plans and take some ideas from players. The first thing I wanted to see in the sequel was to see Parvati again. She is become something more than just partner in the game to me. And I was so sad when finishhed the game yesterday because I realized that she might not come back in the sequel again. So I want to ask you to add parvati to the future sequel as a partner or add a romantic line with her. I'll be very glad if you listen to me. Still, I don't think I'm the only one who likes her in the game. As for the story, I wanted to see the consequences of my decisions or the canon of history of Halcyon. I wish I could see more depth and gloom in this world. In terms of gameplay, I really want more activity in the open world, like mini-games or something like that. Also develop the idea of scientific weapons, give more abilities to the main character as a tactical slowdown, more weapons, skills. In order not to languish with this, I'll just agree with the wishes of the people above.

Maybe, that's all. Briefly, of course, but maybe I'll come up with more ideas and I'll be sure to write. 

I really hope you're reading this forum and seeing our wishes for the sequel. Thank you for this amazing game and good luck at work!

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