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The Outer Worlds review - New blogger finding his feet!

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Hi All, 

My partner has just started a blog for all things gaming, fantasy, fiction and scifi. He is an aspiring novelist (watch this space), but in the meantime he's just started to build up his portfolio starting with a blog. He's got a tonne of ideas and is busy writing his 3rd blog today (BIG mug of tea in hand), but he'd love some feedback from his target audience, and even some input on what you the reader would like him to "unpack".
There's a "contact me" page on his site, go nuts! 

He'd love some traffic on his page, but fighting anxiety all the time means he's holding off on advertising his arrival to the blog scene... which is where I come in! 

>>>>     www.packupyourdinosaurs.com     <<<<

Anyway, the reason this is relevant to this forum is that his last post was a comedic review of The Outer Worlds

If you're at all curious, please feel free to go and have a read. It would make his day! 
Afterall, it's not like any of us are short on time at the moment! 

Enjoy :) 





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