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Maybe my math is off but it seems damn near impossible to craft a weapon that does more damage than Concelhaut's parasitic staff. The base damage of the staff is 20-30 which means  it does almost 50% more damage than any two handed weapon, before even accounting for the exceptional enchantment. A legendary enchantment breaks even on the base damage, but the problem is the parasitic staff still comes out ahead since all the damage modifiers like 2 handed or sneak atatck apply to the base damage of the weapon not the modified damage.

Even Abydon's hammer fully upgraded to mythic does less damage per hit, despite the +4 to might.

Maybe if I upgrade, lash and durganize llawran's stick, and achieve 0 recovery it will out-DPS the Concelhaut's staff. 


Obviously I'm not taking into account the accuracy bonus of legendary + weapons in this case which would improve DPS.

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Citzal's Spirit Lance has the same base damage as Parasitic Staff and also Firebrand (all 20-30 - or 25 on average).
But Citzal's Spirit Lance comes superb and thus has +15% additive dmg compared to the staff. Which means it causes 3.75 more physical dmg per graze/hit/crit. And then the AoE and the speed indeed.
The speed enchantment leads to a lot better dps because not only is it +20% mutiplicative dps (which is to be expected) but in Pillars most speed bonuses stack multiplicatively - so the more of such speed bonuses the higher the return (increasing returns). For example Deletrious Alacrity + Citzal's Spirit Lance stack their speeds multiplicatively.

Firebrand comes with Damaging III which is the same as superb (in terms of dmg) and in addition has "Annihilating" which means +50% additive crit damage (+12.5 dmg) - so that's also a higher damage potential than the staff. Also because other classes can use it.

But for a lvl-1 spell/weapon Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff is awesome. Helps enormously if you want/need to spare spell uses.

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