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Next AAA game from Obsidian after The Outer Worlds discussion


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9 hours ago, kanisatha said:

And cracking the whip?

I wanted this new game yesterday!

You and me both!

btw, great call out in your post on 7/13. Looks like you nailed it, 100% :)

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On 7/14/2020 at 4:54 PM, Achilles said:

Name a studio that only makes games for one IP.

From a less cynical perspective, one could argue that games are art and developers are artists. Artists are creatives and just as painter would whither making copies of the same landscape for the rest of their lives, developers want to play in lots of sandboxes, rather than one.

From a more cynical perspective, multiple IPs means multiple projects (and multiple project teams). This allows you to make money selling the newest installment of, say, Fallout this year and more money selling the latest iteration of, say, the Elder Scrolls series next year. More IPs = more money (and less risk).

Coalition and all those studios stuck working on the next FIFA, NBA, NHL games?

But, yes. Most studios will want to work on multiple different IPs. While working on FIFA games might give you a guaranteed paycheck each month, any creative type will get sick and tired of doing the same stuff all over again.

Feargus even commented on this on the gameindustry.biz interview, and how he wants to be able to shift his workforce from larger projects to smaller projects and vice versa. I think they are well aware that if you have someone working on same kinda games or the same IP for years, at some point that person will jump ship and go work for someone else. When you give those same workers different opportunities from larger scale games set in different IPs and worlds and the smaller projects where they have more of say on the outcome, those workers will stay longer.

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How about an interstellar post-apocalyptic setting in which the habitable planets of the galactic empire have been turned to rubble by giant death machines? That would save the developers the trouble of building world settings; instead it's all bases built from surviving freighters, outposts, recycled spacecraft, and other relics. Your job is to help rebuild a federation of new colonies, while destroying the last of the death machines.

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On 5/14/2020 at 9:29 AM, anon19023903 said:


Kind of an old news, but what do you think this will be?

I really want them to make their own ots/fpv post apocalyptic game. The market is definitely there. The Outer Worlds already had a massive amount of hype, since people are tired of Bethesda's bull**** and post apocalyptic game from Obsidian would be like a second coming of Jesus Christ himself if they played it well.  It's also a perfect time, now that that Fallout 76 turned out to be an MMO grindfest and there won't be other Fallout game made in the next 5 years. Get Josh Sawyer working on it though, since I feel like The Outer Worlds lacked his touch.

So josh sawyer is who thank for making a the best apoc game on the market...?. Anyone hear off avowed yet heard it’s gonna be good let’s hope they just make a character creation with it not hero focused 

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On 7/13/2020 at 5:39 PM, Theonlygarby said:

I think probably there will be something similar to Skyrim.  Though I'm not convinced it will use the POE IP. 


By "like Skyrim" i hope that just means first person fantasy rpg and not huge open world with boring quests and bland story.


That article doesn't say much really.

Let’s just hope.,cause flintlocks and bows cross bows the worlds first dwarf race in an single player rpg not to mention tobacco use prostitution and drugs it has a lot of potential if they stick with it and don’t start over 

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As long as it isn't bogged down by tedium like Pillars and Skyrim I don't really care.

The problem with both of these games is that they start out great but get so boring and repetitive so fast.  It doesn't matter if it's isometric or 1st/3rd person, gameplay needs to hold up.

TOW didn't seem to have this problem for some reason, every step you took felt like a natural progression.

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I love Obsidian for creating the only Fallout 3d that can be called Fallout (New Vegas).

I dream they would do a similar job with The Elder Scrolls series. My favorite TES was Morrowind. Skyrim and Oblivion are a joke. I'm sure if Obsidian took care of this series, they would have created a real masterpiece.

I am also a fan of the HoMM series, these games also need your help

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Repeating myself from the last 15 years... I wish they could work out something with Games Workshop (and someone who wants to publish it) some day. The world needs more games featuring tentacle violence and ritual virgin sacrifice 😛


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