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Hey guys. 

I soloed potd pillars 2 when it launched so I never touched dlcs nor mega bosses.

Recently I came back and went for roleplay duo - Vecna and Kas - using some probably op but fun mods like unlocked 8th 9th abilities for multiclasses and items / class mods like funnening series. Now I play a solo death knight of a sort (riposte trickster/steel garotte with wotep 2h build) - it demolishes regular encounters like crazy so far and I'm wondering if there will be any challenge there considering items I got from mods (Eye of Vecna, Hand of Vecna) / class tweaks. So what you guys think generally about playing with mods like these? Are they most of the time packed with some OP **** that is very easy to abuse to make game trivial and if so isn't vanilla game same way actually? 

I'm thinking about starting a full min/max modded playthrough with full party on turn based using classes that I couldn't be arsed microing in RTwP like glass cannon rogues, some speedy archers maybe. I'm clueless about turn based tho since durations of buffs / debuffs are not based on seconds how do you prioritize stats? 

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If you completed it at launch then the game should be quite different for you now. Some things were nerfed (such as WotEP) and some things were made harder (such as PotD and some encounters).

With regards to mods. They will likely make the game easier. Anything that simply "adds" something to the game that wasn't in there before will have certain balance issues.

I don't understand why people min max in a role playing game. But to each his/her own with regards to "power" gaming. The game allows you to make unrealistic characters that can somehow be succesful, so it's up to anyone to abuse that I guess.

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