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Guest Ontarah

POE horse crap goes all the back to NWN2 and Obsidian's changed nothing

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Guest Ontarah
Posted (edited)

I'm playing MotB for the first time and I'm posting in this dead forum for no other reason than to point out that their *insistence* on trying to force the player into frustratingly unpredictably difficult, unfun positions once they've spent 80% of the game teaching you to expect something else entirely is something they've been doing for over ten years with isometric RPGs and is obviously not an honest mistake or a balance problem. 

It's a choice.

I'm in a completely unwinnable position at the moment that involves either going back and playing an insufferably awful minigame (a Mastermind knockoff which they force you to play at least three times, more if you lose even once) assuming it's even possible to rest in that area, go to an even older save and lose over an hour of gameplay, or completely give up and start over, or use cheats.   How did I get here?

1)  There's a built in mechanic that punishes you every time you rest because they are trying to force you to never ever use rest spam (nevermind that NWN is literally *built* around rest spamming).

2)  Therefore I ration my resting and only rest when I'm absolutely about to die without it.

3)  I'm a caster class so once I'm out of spells, I'm completely useless. 

4)  I'm in an area where I can only have 1 party member, himself a caster, with me.

5)  We are now in a position where we both *have* to rest or we can't kill anything above bugbears, but the devs decided on top of everything else to make the area I'm in completely impossible to rest in and to make it completely impossible to go back short of reloading. 

6)  There's also no forewarning whatsoever that the area you are about to enter is this kind of area.  You are just supposed to magically know this.

(Oh yeah, and on top of that the two things I have to fight are a pit fiend and horned devil which have insufferably high damage reduction and are immune to more or less any magic that isn't divine anyway so I'd still be royally f**ked even if I had just rested).  "You forgot to play as a paladin? Then,  f*** you."  That's what this is. 

Sort of like how in the Vale of Merdelain in the original game, they completely unend all the rules of what's been true for the entirety of the rest of game, give you 0 warning, and give you 0 way to go back and prepare.  You should have just  magically known to bring 7000 billion potions and scrolls with you even though they've been utterly unnecessary in the entirety of the rest of the game. 

This is the second time this has happened in a few hours.  A while ago, I got trapped fighting a night hag that makes a nearly impossible to save against unending fear aura attack.  There is absolutely nothing you can do about it if you don't have somebody in your party who can counter fear spells.  Again, this has been utterly irrelevant throughout the entirety of the core game or the rest of the expansion.  Oh and before I fight her?  They make sure capsize the way out with rubble so you have no choice but to reload and lose an hour or so of gameplay or reload over and over and over and over until somebody manages to make their saving throw.   This is not fun.  It sucks.   

Obsidian, if you want to make cheap, hard games, just make cheap, hard games so I know to bugger off and play RPGs that don't do this.   Don't make 80%+ of your game easy to moderately difficult and then increase the difficulty in random, utterly unpredictable spikes (Ice Dragon in The White March) or in the last 10% of the game (Deadfire, NWN).  It's crappy design and it makes nobody happy.  It doesn't make powergamers who get off on difficulty happy because most of the game is too easy and it doesn't make gamers like me who want moderate challenge to persist throughout happy either. 

I own Tyranny but haven't played and if does this same crap, I'm done buying your isometric RPGs.

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