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Hi everyone

I have been trying to find the way to trigger Sky Dragon to leave after being mortally wounded. Tried to leave the wurmling alive untill the very end of dragon health bar, tried different dialog options before fighting it, etc. Nothing works. Have anyone find the proper way to make this big lizzard to leave the nest?

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I have tried this multiple times now and nothing seems to work dialogue or battle-wise.

I seems to just be BS somebody incorrectly posted somewhere that has spread around as fact. but they also mention on gamepedia and PoE wiki that convincing them to leave rewards you with a Sky Wurm pet in PoE II so I don't know what to believe. no one has responded on these Obsidian forums or Steam that they actually got the "mortally wounded" dialogue to trigger.

Took me ~10 tries to get through killing the Sky Dragon without also killing the Wurmling. Finally have completed it a few times with the Wurmling still at 100% health and it just does not trigger any in-fight dialogue.

I really wish someone from Obsidian would actually comment on if this is actually a possibility and what attributes or actions are needed.

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On 5/24/2020 at 10:24 AM, Blades of Vanatar said:

Do you have a Lore of 10 or greater?

are you just curious or are you trying to state that this is actually the stat required to trigger the dialogue?

if you have found this to be the requirement to trigger this; post the source where you gleaned this information, or an image of it happening in-game.

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