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Supernova features should be free to choose

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Hi everyone, i hope you're doing ok during this difficult time, please stay safe and follow the WHO instructions.¬†ūüôŹ


With that said i wanna talk about something that will really improve the game imo and i hope it'll be addressed in the near future.

I think the features of the supernova difficulty should be free to choose. Hunger, thirst and sleep should be available no matter the difficulty you chose to play.

Supernova combat is more difficult only because it makes enemies more bullet sponge and i really dislike that, not just in this game but in any t/fps really. For me Supernova should be different, it should be a more "realistic" mode where the player and the ai both deal way more damage. This is just an idea, i'm fully aware that could cause problems with companions dying too easily. Still I think and hope that this will be changed in the future, i was looking forward to play on supernova after my first playthrough but i ended up reverting to normal mode wishing to have those features available. 


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This has been asked for a lot since the game released unfortunately I haven't seen any positive feedback from Obsidian about doing this so it probably isn't going to happen.  The only hope is they include it with the DLC or the second game in the series, if we get one, will have a buffet style of game play where you can tailor it to preference.

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i fail to see the implementation of something as manageable as thirst, hunger, needing sleep and the like without any other counterfeit gameplay parts; nor do I see how that would be enjoyable. Wouldn't that just get in your way?

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I love the idea of a tailored game experience. I mean, why not allow it? I had a long post all typed out giving all the reasons why I thought it was a good idea, but I decided against posting it. Either there is no support for it in the community or Obsidian isn't interested in allowing it. It seems a no brainer, but there could be very real technical reasons why they can't/won't do it. I personally want companion permadeath, but I hate the eating and drinking mechanic. I already play a lot of survival games with eating and drinking mechanics (The Forest, NMS, Osiris, etc.) and love all of them, but this game has something those others don't: a crafted story and what feels like a living breathing game world. Pure survival essentially forces a very different style of gameplay (steal everything, build perfectly, etc.) which forces players to ignore the subtle hand crafted parts just to avoid frustration and it ends up feeling like every other survival game out there. Wasted potential.

I almost never post on game forums, but Obsidian seems interested in giving us something that other game companies won't. Why not expand on that? I support this game and Obsidian in general for that reason alone. The possibility. I'd like to see Obsidian beat everyone else to the punch and let all others be the copy-cats. Anyway, love the game even if this suggestion goes no where. Looking forward to DLC.

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