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The bricks of Eora, Part One: A digital Lego recreation of Pillars of Eternity

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Hello everyone!

I'm Uburian, a long time Pillars (and Obsidian) fan and Lego enthusiast from the basque Country. I'm currently working on my doctorate thesis on art and technology, but because of certain global affecting events which I'm sure you are aware off, i have found myself unable to continue my work properly until the situation improves. Now i have plenty of extra time to burn and nowhere to go, so i have decided to start a Pillars of Eternity (I & II) Lego recreation that focuses on my most significant play-trough of the games, and to share it with those who i know will appreciate it :) I will also utilize this opportunity to hone my storytelling skills.

The main tool i will use for this  endeavor is the amazing Lego Digital Studio 2, which not only allows you to create digital Lego sets with a very extensive catalogue of pieces, but that can also render said sets in photo-realistic quality.

Now, to start the series, i present to you my recreation of the Caravan Encampment set around the ruins of Cilant Lîs:




All stories have a beginning, and yours starts around a tranquil bonfire among the imposing ruins of Cilant Lîs. Drops of sweat fall trough your face while you hold your belly in pain, you shiver. The smell of roasted meat, usually a comforting presence, makes you shrink in your knees.

"Touch of the rumbling Rot, could be", Odema says.

After listening to the caravan master's counsel, you head into the wilderness alongside Calisca in search of spring berries, in hopes that a tea made from them will be enough to help you survive another day.


PS: Good luck to those who are going trough confinement and social distancing right now. Here in the Basque Country (northern Spain) we have been like this for almost a month now. I hope my stories help you go trough this all. Stay safe, and stay strong :)

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Thanks a lot 😄

I'll try to recreate the most significant events from both games, as experienced by my main character. Not all of them will be as complex as the encampment (this one took me 3 days to complete) but i think it will be an interesting project to undertake.

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Next part :)




The Bricks of Eora: Part I, Act I, Chapter I, Conversations with Calisca

When you and Calisca are about to reach what appears to be a group of spring berry bushes, your nose caches the smell of wet hair and rotten flesh.

"Wolfs!", the young woman shouts.

The wolves attack you with great ferocity, but they are no real match for you. You breathe profoundly, focus your thoughts, and dive into the mind of one of the beasts. It shivers, confused, as his eyesight fails him and his thoughts meld erratically.

You don't falter, and with a quick strike of your sword, end the animal life. Meanwhile Calisca finishes the other wolf with his axe, splatting its blood in the ground.

You pick up the springberries, and are about to return to the camp, when Calisca stops you with a smirk.

"You know, i didn't take you for the fighting type at first. You look more like a scholar to me, but you are definitely not a mage. Are you a cleric, perhaps?", she asks.

"The first one is true, at least in part"

You turn your head to the sides various times.

"But who are you then? I heard Odema calling you Maximilian at one point, but i would like to fully know who I'm working with"

"I'm Maximilian Miroslav, and i come from the distant Living lands"

"The wild lands of the North! I can't say i known them enough, but is it true that there you can find spiders the size of houses, and that plants can devour entire caravans without leaving a trace?"

"Among many other things, yes"

"And why would anyone want to live in there?"

"To be frank, i don't think that anyone could truly understand the lands unless they experienced them in person"

"But for you?"

"They used to be my home. I grew up there, in one of the frontier villages"

"And what did you do in there, you where an explorer or something?"

"In part, but i mostly worked as an alchemist and mechanical engineer. There is always demand of people with my skills up there"

"But then, why did you leave the lands?"

"One day, while i was in a forest looking for new herbs, an explosion destroyed my house and laboratory. I lost almost everything i had, and with no opportunity of rebuilding my life there i decided to leave the lands and venture to new frontiers. Eventually that path led me to the Dyrwood"


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Here comes the whole team of Caed Nua!


I mean, i know that Calisca and Heodan don't make it to Caed Nua, but i think they deserve to be alongside the whole team :)

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And now it is time for the Defiants of the Deadfire!



To be frank, i didn't recruit Vatnir in this run as i wanted him to turn the floe into a merchant hub.

PS: I know that this is technically a POEII image, but i thought that it would be better to publish it here than to create a new tread in the PoEII sub-forum.  If a mod thinks otherwise, please notify me and I'll move it :)


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