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really low framrates on poe2:deadfire



so, i have a really nice pc, is not a high end one but i can play most games from the last generation at 90-120 fps on high or ultra, the thing is deadfire is running like ****, sorry for the word but its that, im getting 40 fps and about 10-20 on cities and its not even stable it constantly goes from 10 to 40, or just freezes right away, when i open the game i get a black screen for about 5 min before i can start playing. i already tried setting all the graphics to low but it still runs like that, so im not sure what is causing this. any help please?

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On 3/31/2020 at 12:42 PM, AeonsLegend said:

Hi there. POE2 is infamous for being poorly optimized. You will get stutter in certain places. Especially Neketaka. Although extra overlays make things worse. Are you using steam overlay? Or are you using Unity Console?

What kind of specs do you run?

so the amd, and mci can make this run worse? im not using unity console. my specs areĀ 
ryzen 5 3600
rx 580 8 gb
16 gb ram
sorry for the late reply

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The long loading when launching the game is normal I'm afraid. I don't think it should take 5 mins, but there's some time before you can do something with the menu.

I think there's some topics here by people with similar issues. Might be something there that can help you if you do a search. Might be some specific GPU settings or such. Your specs are fine. My specs are lower and I never have these issues.

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