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https://www.google.com/search?q=bugs+found+in+swimming+pool&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari#imgdii=7I7DATKMQOxc7M&imgrc=qA6O2zH2HEkKaMYou should add a swimming pool and a water snake and the linked bug it would be crazy like an ocean for grounded or something and put all the water bugs and other bugs not like a big swimming pool maybe those ones where they are circles that would be nice 

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Hi ^^

Well, I must admit, there is one thing I would really love to see in the game, which is a walnut boat. To craft it, one would need a walnut half, obviously, a leaf and some sticky substance. I mean, sure, we would only have the pond to ride it, but I think it would be cool. There are also some other ideas I've had, for example instruments made of insect parts, like a guitar made of a nut and spider silk or something. As for future insects, I think a hornet would be a good boss in the future, or a wasp queen of sorts. I'd also like to see snails, possibly even as tamable insects. Other insects that might be interesting would be some such as ticks, worms or caterpillars (and butterflies). More unrealistic, even if a nice to have, would be weather conditions and seasons. While that certainly would be fun, I'm pretty sure things like these are miles away xD


Of course you don't have to do any of this. I love the game either way!

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Some features/QoL changes I would love to see in the full release


-Someform of makeshift fridge that allows you to store raw/roasted meat without spoiling in your base

-When building ziplines there should be a clear indicator whether its gonna end up being the end or start point its sometimes hard to tell if you're building long ziplines without huge height difference and ziplines in general should be a little faster

-Alternatively somekind of burgl recipe that allows you to build a device that enables you to travel ziplines both ways

-Aggroed (and only aggroed) insects outside base raids should attempt to destroy player built walls and other structures if they see it as viable way to get to you.

-Please let the raw/cooked meat stack..atleast up to 2 or 3

-buff both the turrets especially the supposed "flak cannon" is real lackluster when the pellets drop so fast

-Wolf spider/ladybird larva and mosquito should get some nerfs

*wolf spider is ridicuously OP when you start the game. A single bite will pretty much kill you from full HP due to venom. After you get mithr they're basically the same as orb weavers...just farm for mats. I don't think its very intuitive to fight them when without mithr it pretty much requires 100% perfect blocks or cheese and later on just steamroll.

*Ladybird larva for a 2 skull insect has way too much dmg and health combined to the ability to burrow and huge aggro range. They're real nuisance and pretty much everyone hates them. Tune them down a little...they have sizzle too.

*Mosquitos are just a pain in the butt. I think something should be done about their movement..maybe slow them down a notch or make them get mini stun when they miss their drill lunge or whatever to make it a bit easier to pin them down.

-A bit controversial but I'd like to have medkit added to the game. Obviously theres a reason why there isn't conventional health potions or whatnot in this game but some useable item that restores full hp would be great to have. Obviously it should have somekind of downside. Maybe it costs a lot to craft and is something like takes 3 seconds to apply and your character moves at lower speed while applying it or maybe even forces you to remain stationary.

-Makeshift bikes or mounts or something would be nice to have:p


Yeah most of them are just for personal convenience but I feel these would be nice things to have without making the game completely trivial. After all theres the custom difficulty that allows people to max it out should they want.



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On 6/17/2020 at 10:44 PM, Truly Yours said:

How about sharing the game with PS4 gamer's 😊

Sorry if this has already been adressed, but one way for PlayStation player to experience Grounded would be to using Xbox Cloud Gaming (part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) and use a Playstation controller. Since Xbox Cloud gaming does not require you to use an Xbox controller specifically, you can use a PS-controller as long as it has bluetooth ^^

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On 4/2/2021 at 1:58 AM, Lucius Baiano said:

The Sandpit Update

The sandpit would be exactly what it sounds like; a child's sandbox with various toys and treasures within. This area would be the equivalent of a desert biome and add great tone and variety to the backyard. It could be located near the picnic table or beside the garage and the unique desert-type biome would have its own original features, resources, and lab much like the hedge and the koi pond. The terrain would include sand dunes, barren wastes and foliage from the yard (sticks, twigs, etc...) 

Features may include;

- Sand (resource, harvestable by shovel - glass potential?)

- A Sand castle filled with bugs (location - lab??)

- Sand Castle Tools (landmarks)

- Beetle (Scarab type neutral bug - maybe rideable?)

- Thirst depletes faster in the sandpit (Survivability feature)

- Desert Temple BURG.L Chip (Sandpit Lab)

The list goes on and on, this idea was too good to keep to myself! please like this post and reply and give it some love so that the developers see it! I am confident that they will take this idea and skyrocket it and create epic content !

Below is my proposed located and some very amateur concept art lol! please make this happen!

Sandpit (grounded).png

Congratulations on getting almost the exact thing you asked for, down to the colours used for the shovel and the rake ^_^! Nice! They even added some of your other ideas into the game some other places. That is sooo wicked 😁!

On 3/18/2022 at 8:01 PM, Exziron said:

A 3D compass not only so u don't have to spam the map every ten seconds but so you can tell up and down when in deep dark tiny underwater caves. The thing on our wrist could have one or if you guys added a metal shaving could make one out of acorn, dew drop and clover or something

I like your idea 😄

A simple 2D level map would also be fine ^^

  1. For The Yard
  2. For everything below The Yard
On 4/6/2022 at 2:41 PM, THE AGNOSTOS said:

System: Detach Character
My character getting stuck while I'm exploring the garden is commonplace for me. I always end up stuck in a crack. I think creating a "Detach Character" option in my game debug mine would be fantastic. It could follow the same patterns as the other options, applying a cooldown for a new use.

Go to Options > Debug. There should be an option to "Unstuck character" 😊 I do not this for a fact, but I have a feeling that every time you use that feature to get unstuck, the dev team will look at improving that areas with the coordinates they likely gather from the "Unstuck character" feature 🙂


On 4/18/2022 at 11:23 PM, CrazyLazyCat said:

Give preference to the most used item

For instance, I have 2 torches, one is almost done, another is half way, the game seems to always prefer to equip the fuller one, and that is annoying since the used ones always flood my inventory. Burn the used ones first, so I can keep adding new torches, even with some burned ones.

+1 to the suggestion with using the used torch first 😄!


On 8/6/2022 at 10:55 AM, Tan said:

Some features/QoL changes I would love to see in the full release

  • Some form of makeshift fridge that allows you to store raw/roasted meat without spoiling in your base
  • When building ziplines there should be a clear indicator whether its gonna end up being the end or start point its sometimes hard to tell if you're building long ziplines without huge height difference and ziplines in general should be a little faster
  • Alternatively somekind of burgl recipe that allows you to build a device that enables you to travel ziplines both ways
  • Makeshift bikes or mounts or something would be nice to have :p

I love the makeshift fridge idea. In early game it is so annoyed when all your meat spoils at the same time or close to the same time 😅

Good suggest with the zipline ... guides? I often end up changing my ziplines (and surrounded floors) a few times before I get it right >_<

"BURG.L recipe that allows you to build a device that enables you to travel ziplines both ways" + 1 to that. Nice! Such a time saver 😍



To all quoted replies

Thank you for taking the time to write these! I hope I added a reaction to all of your thoughtful posts 😁

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Feedback: Add some sort of visual or audio feedback when you cannot craft because you need a workbench

As seen on the screenshot, in this situation the game does not tell you why pressing a button to craft does not do anything. (It might for someone whom is hard of hearing, whom has enabled the accessibility feature)

I remember pressing Space/A repeatedly, not understanding why it did not craft, until I noticed the "Workbench required" note below the item. But that was not obvious for a good few seconds. Others might have that issue 🙂

I remember originally having this issue when I played for the first time. Then I got used to it being this way.

But now I am around 500 in-game days more experienced and we're at Home Strech, and you asked for feedback for starting over from a new game, so I thought I would mention this as an issue for new beginnings 🙂


Suggestion: Add a visual "Not near a workbench" pop-up, when you are attempting to craft items that require it. Same for the other crafting "stations" in the game 🙂

You can add audio too, like a gentle "negative" / "fail" sound.


Screenshot of the crafting screen with Clover Hood selected on an Xbox interface

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We need roof pieces and floor pieces the will allow us to connect square structures to rounded structures. As of right now its weird/costly work arounds, triangle pieces blocking up stairs, or just dealing with holes.


I also had another idea for building. When in the building view maybe you could add a faint red mesh over terrain/objects that players are not able to build on/through. Would make life a lot easier for us when choosing our base locations/layouts. I personally like to choose different locations from the streamers i watch or from different save files, just to keep it interesting. 

I also have noticed the entrance to the oak lab is a bit illogical. Busted door, working door, busted door. Shouldnt they all 3 be busted? If any should be ok maybe the outter most door. Maybe that door being busted is also what is causing the wolf spider issue (im sure that fix wont be that easy though 😂)


Much love for you and this this amazing game! Grounded is a master piece and im getting so anxious to see it in its completed form. 

Edited by ZacharyS76
Added more, added photos (had to crop due to file size)
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On 8/13/2022 at 1:10 PM, ZacharyS76 said:

When in the building view maybe you could add a faint red mesh over terrain/objects that players are not able to build on/through.


Much love for you and this this amazing game! Grounded is a master piece and im getting so anxious to see it in its completed form. 

This is a great idea! I too like to build new places every time and I find that if I do not use foundations my base's building logic will at some point just randomly break. Not allowing me to place a blueprint piece where it logically should 🤔


Grounded really is a master piece and I have never been so hyped for a game release since a Blizzard game back in the good old days 🥳

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I feel they should add more weapons like bull whips with a close up right trigger close up pommel attack and ranged right bumper attack and bullock whips that can block. if you don't know what  bullock whips are they are basically a bo-staff with a whip at the end. both of these would be good choices for close to medium range weapons combat. also it would look so sick with the antlion armor. plz add this it would be a great addition for people with different play styles. thank you for reading the post.

it to build it should take some sort of leather/rope and some sort of handle martial 

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plz add more end game bugs like dragon fly's, scorpions, centipedes, and millipedes. also a lasso would be a fun tool for catching things like aphids weevils exc... also if you could use lassos with your teem to pull large bugs in cages for taming purposes or just so you could have it safely in your base just because.

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Hey, Everyone!
I'd like to see curved mushroom arches. Also, I don't know if it was meant to be, but stem building pieces can't be built near water at all. Or there's a severe restriction to doing so. I'm using mushroom pieces in the same way I intend to use the stem pieces and it works fine, but the stem pieces won't connect in most cases. And yes, I'm using buoyant foundations.

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plz add more end game bugs like dragon fly's, scorpions, centipedes, and millipedes. also a lasso would be a fun tool for catching things like aphids weevils exc... also if you could use lassos with your teem to pull large bugs in cages for taming purposes or just so you could have it safely in your base just because.


it would also be cool if there was a rain forest bug encloser biome with more exotic bugs. and small bug cages with boss fights in them. and maybe a few open and nocked over for some maybe late game neutral bosses that wander around the beginning zones of the map so there is still a use to beginning zones late game so it isn't to hard to start off. also plz add a tire two bombardier armor set in the form of a bomb suit some sort of armor for the stink bug. one more thing I want to see is more of an ecosystem of predator and prey system

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Hey! First and foremost, I love the game to bits. It's absolutely immaculate, but I'd like to see it grow as much as everyone else here. So, these are some ideas I had. I know some of them have been posted before but... Maybe to give them more power to them?


֍ A way to hold your pet
Not to be mushy or anything, but most of the time, they seem to get stuck or get in the way of danger. Mine's been stuck a-top the leaf and it cannot get down anymore. So, it would be useful to be able to grab them and take them back to stable flooring.

֍ Relocate/Remove some Spider spawn points
I admit that this is a nitpick more than anything. But, one particular bug spawn that I never understood was the Wolf Spider in the BBQ Spill? Specially since it's never mentioned that they have any sort-of sizzle protection.
Also, maybe tone down the Orb Weavers a little bit. I feel that they're way too abundant, specially since Spiders are not social creatures, but they walk alongside one another like besties, I'm specifically thinking of those close to the Westside fence near the broken flower pot. I can kinda understand those in the Hedge since the laboratory is there, and it excuses it.

֍ Increase Bee Fuzz drops
This is another nitpick. But, Bees rarely drop more than 1 Bee Fuzz and they're already somewhat inaccessible to get to without venturing towards the Picnic Table or having a Bow/Crossbow to have such low drop rates, while rare and more valuable bugs like Scarabs or Roly Polies are more charitable with their drops.

֍ Add Voice Lines for Meals
I know this is a rather expensive and mildly unnecessary addition. But, it's kinda odd when you go through the labor to make a close-to-human meal, or even eat bits of human food and have the players react as if they're eating raw mushrooms or mushy roasted weavils. 

֍ Being able to see Weapons/Tools locations on the Map
It has happened more than once that I accidentally press R when wielding my tools and chucking them into who-knows-where. Obsidian has been nice enough to show a marker when we're close to it. But it would be a nice QoL to be able to tell where it felt when looking at the Map.

֍ A BURG.L upgrade to Looms and Grinders
They're super slow. Extremely slow. I'm sure there's a pretty valid reason as to why they are, but if there was an alternative mildly pricy upgrade to them to make them faster, God knows I'd get that in an instant.

֍ Upgrades/Fine Tuning to the SCA.B
Its radar function is very much a hastle to use, let's be honest. It's a hot-n-cold game to figure out in which direction the lil thingy is pointing to. If it had a compass or some sort-of way to more easily point to which way is the signal warming up to it would be much much more easier to use.

֍ Door behavior tuning for Multiplayer
There's been a constant de-sync regarding doors on my online playthroughs with friends. Some see them close, other see them open. They're bounced off because of this, some have clipped through the map because of it.


֍ A crafting recipe for Tough Gunk
I don't really mind the current way to get Tough Gunk. But, it would be kinda nice to have a recipe to get some without going on a rampage. Maybe using the Grinder and grind Roly Poly, Termite and Green Shield Bug Parts to get some?

֍ Add Cochroaches/Flies to the Trash Pile Area
It's kinda odd that there are no flies or roaches at all in such a dirty place. From a game perspective, we could maybe harvest their wings to make a Lv. 2 Glider? Maybe killing a certain ammount of them could give a Mutation to resist Toxic Fumes. Maybe they're could be a Roach Armor that's specifically strong against Fungal explosions/attacks to play around the whole "Only Roaches would live through a Nuclear Fallout".

֍ A Pulley system
It would be pretty useful for Builders trying to get crafting materials to far-to-reach places. A way to load them into a carry saddle (Maybe Pupa Leather?), and then have the player having to handle the pulley to reach those places. Maybe being able to carry players upwards with the same method.

֍ An Icebox/Fridge
We really need an structure to store food prone to spoilage. It would be odd for someone to just trash ice for us to harvest on the garden, but maybe we could do something mildly make-believe with Mint Shards? We're already using Boiling and Acid Glands to pretend the Cookery is ever lit, so I don't see why we couldn't do the same with a fridge.

֍ Furniture
I love to craft bases that feel homey, but the game is rather lacking on furniture outside of tables and chairs. Specially odd when Labs have shelves but we do not. Things like Shelves, Cupboards and Counters. They don't be to elaborate at all, just grass planks and weed stems can really do. Acorn Shells if you wanna be fancy.

֍ A Spyglass
A craftable Spyglass that is an upgrade to the Peep.R to look at things even further away. Just plant fiber and a dewdrop. Maybe be a little extra and make the glasses a-top the picnic smashable, and gather the glass shards to craft it.

֍ Mobiles
Rather fancy and I can begin to imagine how difficult it might be to implement, but hear me out. We could craft both a bicycle and a water boat. While I love exploring, running/fast swimming + mutation can only go so fast. It would be great for fast travelling. Maybe even tame Ladybugs to be make-shift horses. Put a cute lil' seat on top of them and ride em.

֍ Placeable Food
Extreme nitpick, absolutely unnecessary and I won't ever be mad if it's never implemented. But it would be so nice if you could place the food down.

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I have realy enjoyed this game so far and I believe it has alot of potential. so I would like to suggest a few ideas I have.


-snake shedding area/uses

So ive already posted this idea in a short manner. personaly I feel that the addition of a roaming garter snake while cool is not exactly fitting the scale. but I think adding an area and some sheddings would be a good way of a sort of "addition". so I think you should add cracks and stuff into the stone walls and inside garter snake sheddings and some you could harvest with a knife maybe. some uses for this shedding could be a snake skin kevlar and maybe it could be used for some sort of balloon or water filtration system.


I know there are already many useful recources in the game but a recource that I think they absolutly should add is sand and the ability to make glass. they already have a sand like desert area so they could add like sandy rocks that you can dig and get sand from you can then smelt it into glass and make maby a green house build which would boost growth of plants and stuff or for the water filtration system up above it would be the way to evaporate the water. there are so many useful things that these recources could add.

-Cooler/fridge area 

Once again as many people have wanted before In think an icy area is a demand it would make sense we have sizzley areas and gas areas now we need an icy areas and the stuff in it is already made out. you could add more juice and pop cans the ability to mine ice as well as the obviouse ****roach bug you could add. but another thing I feel would be a cool edition is another environmental obstacle like the breakable rocks and stuff but this time its large ice cubes that you have to melt with maybe a magnifying glass. anyways alot of people are asking for this so it would be realy cool if you did it.

-snail and snail gel

back to the first thing I said about a roaming garter snake doesnt fit the game and its scale while I still think this true I still think a roaming creature is a good idea and I believe a snail would fit perfectly. so the snail would work differently from most of the other roaming creatures as it will be unkillable but it will not actualy attack you and it will roam much like a normal bug they will be found in the grassy forest area, the open field near the stink bugs/dry grass area and the swampy like area before you get to the hedge (and possibly the haze when you turn the gas off). the snail will leave a trail of slime behind it that will disapear overtime but every once in a while as the snail is moving it will drop a bit of gel that you can harvest. this gel could be used to repair maybe or as fuel when they add powered bases in the future. the best way of farming the gel is following the snail and collecting it as it goes but if you get to close to it or something agros on you near it it will go into its shell and you'll have to get far from it and un agro for it to come out (it does not produce gel while in its shell).

-Hang glider/glider lvl2 I geuss

alot of people have been asking for this in many different ways weather its from killing butterflys, flys or dragon flys its all for a glider level 2 or in my eyes a hang glider as a lvl2s and stuff are usualy just the same item but stronger or better in some way a hang glider would be different as you can actualy sravel forward for a large amount of speed and I feel it should work kind of like the elytra in minecraft where if you go down you pick up speed and once you pull up you get launched forward realy fast it would be a good way to travel alot fast if your base is realy far away from something. as on how to make it Idk there have been alot of different bugs suggested that would work Im personaly biast twards the dragonfly because there cool but dragon flys (at least the ones ive grown up with) are pretty big and would probably have to be a boss and I feel a glider lvl2/hang glider shouldnt require that much. it definetly should be end game material though.

anyways I hope some of these ideas get in the game my personal favorites are definatly the glider and glass idea. and Im looking forward to the future of the game. 


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I think this game is progressing really well and I would like to see a custimization system implemented. How it would work is by completing certain task and achievments such as finding landmarks around the yard or something specific like getting a lady bug to charge into a spider or something once you complete one of these you get an item to customize your characters for instance you could give max like a fruit punch shirt or a ladybug shirt. there could be universal items customizations that all characters can wear and some things that only certain characters can wear. you could have different hair styles and backpack designs as well. I think this would be a cool way to add customization and make your character unique and stand out from other peoples playthroughs.

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I had an idea for the C.roach that soem people want added. What if there was a mechanic for them similar to mosquitos?. like the roaches head, It would work like this, you have to daze it and then if you hit it it loses its head and drops a part it wouldnt if you killed it without cutting off the head. Idk I really like special mechanics with creatures which is why I think the mosquito is cool. So it would be interesting if we had more of those kinds of creatures in the game.

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I know we're just 6 DAYS AWAY (been awaiting this day for 2yrs now and it really got me through the pandemic), but now that the world is opening back up..... What about exploring other yards? That opens the door for more bugs and even more biomes. More NPCs like other shrunken kids (we know they're more because we've found the remains)? Even exploring the house. Fight bedbugs, different spiders, centipedes, and/or (Almighty forbid) roaches (🤢) since they're pretty much impervious to everything. Boss fight with a mouse. Explore couches and other appliances (the fridge can be an Arctic area). That'll open up to new foods as well. 

You have a GREAT game with literally endless possibilities. Hell, I'd gladly come by and share all of my ideas if need be. 😂😂

Can't wait until launch!!!


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On 8/7/2020 at 1:44 AM, Legion_lxixi said:

Hi guys! Love the game!


Heres my current wishlist

1.Make it so all weeds are able to be cut in the yard, sometimes I’m hiking to a weed only to find out there’s no option to cut it down, it can get frustrating.


2. Would love another set of armor, or maybe a sled or cart that you can build to transport a lot of logs. A la, the Forest. Especially since weeds can be few and far between.


3. Id love to see some biomes added to the map.

A) The berry bush forest area is so cool, I’d like to see more of these types of biomes, perhaps some real flowerbeds with densely packed flowers, you could do Orchids, Roses with thorns, even things like Lily’s 


B) Would love to see a frozen biome, like a large open chest freezer That’s been knocked over or a cooler that has a tiny opening kept cold by ice packs. 

C) Someone mentioned above a “rain” biome where there are sprinklers that are always on, so it’s muddy, and wet, and slow, and you’d need to build home made snow shoes to traverse the mud or something. 

D) perhaps the Shed could be opened up at some point where you have a deep dark biome in itself!

E) maybe even a part of the actual house! Where you can get end game materials, but you have to constantly dodge a dog or cat on the prowl.

E. Finally I’d love to see a desert biome, Perhaps in a sandbox, unhindered by any shade so it’s super hot.


i mean the world you’ve created has so many awesome creative possibilities. I’m excited to see how you can bring them to life.


its been an Absolutle blast so far!


Freezer would be awesome !

Also an old bee Nest on the top of the Oak tree would be great to craft Honey or bee honeycomb for new buildings.

Inside the bee nest could also be a new lab or a Hornet bossfight which lives in there.

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Grounded just keeps getting better. I posted this elsewhere but then thought I should add to this thread as well. 

Here's a few suggestions...

1. A better glider. The dandelion tuff is great for tier 1 but an upgraded glider something akin to an actual glider would be fantastic.

2. I've seen several awesome suggestions for bugs. Butterflies, (for the glider wings), grasshoppers, (bouncy shoes,anyone?),  Dragonflies (though I'm thinking more of a "Dragonrider thing"  than an enemy)

3. Speaking of shoes I still maintain that shoes and pants aren't the same thing, but aside from bouncy shoes having some kind of sticky shoes made from either ants or gum would be amazing. Not so sticky that you could walk up a wall necessarily but maybe you could climb some slightly steeper stuff than you can now. 

4. As I stated in another post and others have said, the ability of flying insects to swarm around like they do makes them an extra large pain so having the ability to "lock-on" to a target would help or if not that then some sort of spiked shield that would help kill them. 

6. I love the ideas of glass, wheelbarrows, and an upgrade to the Zipline that allows you to go both ways and faster. The cold biome sounds awesome.


Can't wait to see where the backyard takes us next!!! 

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