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Loving the game. Just some things that I thought could be improved.


- Armour/Weapon/Tools/Resources shouldn't occupie space in our bag if it's equipped.

- Could be a option to auto-organize bag/chest (Like "My Time at Portia")

- If there is option to "Take all" from the chest, should be one "Leave all"

- Build new bags with more space

- Need a "Stats" screen to see how our character is doing (If armour give some benefits, etc)

- An XP evolution with perks could be cool

- Add Grappling hook and rope

- A mode without hungry and thirsty features would be awsome! \o/

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Love the game so far keep up the awesome work here are some ideas to make it even better well for me anyway.

Add a dyeing option- for armor/weapons and structures maybe useing flowers and mixing

Add metals- like copper/iron and zinc maybe you find some quarters or something in anthills to hammer 

Add Forge- for refining metals for armor/tools/structures and copper for wiring up the batter for power

Add quick waypoints

More Traps- like sap trap to stop bug from moving for a time

Add boat building

Add power to bases- maybe a toy you can take batters from. carry it like you do grass but only one at a time cuz the weight

Add bugs- (Butterflies/Moths) for gliders (lighting bugs) for helmet light (Pill bugs) for armor (Grasshoppers) for jump shoes

Auto equip armor on death loot pickup

Game mode option- to have it rain where you take damage if you get hit by water meters if not under shelter

Water purifier or way to purify 

More food like soaps 

Story- expand your adventure by going in the house. it would be awesome to see it from a tiny perspective and the crazy things you could find and collect with new threats.

PS: Sorry if some of these ideas are already in the making and for any bad spelling.




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Great job so far Obsidian team. I've put 30+ hours into the solo campaign version so far and I think I've gotten a good handle on the map. Can't wait to see what's coming next!

I would love to make a few suggestions:

Possible new insects: Cutter Ants, Trapdoor Spiders, Centipedes, Grasshoppers, something with natural camouflage (mantises for example)?

Use reed for oxygen supply underwater or even general piping. (Many possibilities for the pond 😁

Each character has an inherent, unique skill and/or abilities. Maybe a gadget that could be activated or upgraded with Raw Science or a new world item (maybe gears or vitamins?) Could be very simple or more complex. Something to make them stand out a bit more from each other, though I really love the banter; they have personality.

Thank you so much for the experience so far. I wish you all the best of luck.

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Hi guys! Love the game!


Heres my current wishlist

1.Make it so all weeds are able to be cut in the yard, sometimes I’m hiking to a weed only to find out there’s no option to cut it down, it can get frustrating.


2. Would love another set of armor, or maybe a sled or cart that you can build to transport a lot of logs. A la, the Forest. Especially since weeds can be few and far between.


3. Id love to see some biomes added to the map.

A) The berry bush forest area is so cool, I’d like to see more of these types of biomes, perhaps some real flowerbeds with densely packed flowers, you could do Orchids, Roses with thorns, even things like Lily’s 


B) Would love to see a frozen biome, like a large open chest freezer That’s been knocked over or a cooler that has a tiny opening kept cold by ice packs. 

C) Someone mentioned above a “rain” biome where there are sprinklers that are always on, so it’s muddy, and wet, and slow, and you’d need to build home made snow shoes to traverse the mud or something. 

D) perhaps the Shed could be opened up at some point where you have a deep dark biome in itself!

E) maybe even a part of the actual house! Where you can get end game materials, but you have to constantly dodge a dog or cat on the prowl.

E. Finally I’d love to see a desert biome, Perhaps in a sandbox, unhindered by any shade so it’s super hot.


i mean the world you’ve created has so many awesome creative possibilities. I’m excited to see how you can bring them to life.


its been an Absolutle blast so far!


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A wheelbarrow or cart...


Somehow most survival games make us carry limited amounts of building materials. Almost none of these use an ancient idea of a cart.

We use the everyday in real life. In disaster movies people use shopping carts to get around... but in games the never exist?!

Love the game, just please add a cart?! 

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Me and my family really loves this game. We are currently building a village and its started to grow big. We would love to have more building options. Exterior and interior. More furnitures and usable stations.  

U guys started a really good sandbox. We mix missions with hours of building. Nice job. 

Enemys: bees, mouse, mosquitos, centepides, worms, bumblebees, dragonflies. ( all with different drops and crafting potentials.) 

Building: tables, more clay possibilies , ,couch, benches,  beds , a big bonfire in my village etc etc....(materials from animals to make carpets or wall decorations, capes) ( weavingstations)

Weapons: firearrows, knives.

Food: lollipop to give sugarrush status effects? ( a more detailed and better overlook for smoothiestation) statusefffects ? 

Objects: paperclips, (metal) matchbox with matches. (Sulfer, fire) straws (plastic) Rubberbands ( rubber ) 

Colourschemes: different berrys to mix and colour ur armor and objects.

Backpack upgrade. More slots. Organize after certain categories 

Shovel to dig underground.

Thank u :)

Keep up the good work 

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Dear development team, the game is incredible and the graphic quality is beautiful, I play it on pc, I would like to make some suggestions to improve it.
- The constructions disappear if it's not iterated with them in a certain time.
-The items example: grass blades, dandelions or arrows disappear if they aren't iterated on in a certain time.
In this way, unnecessary entities should not be loaded.
- Adding beetles, wasps, mantises and some reptiles would be good in my opinion.
-Add more styles of weapons, more spears or shield and sword and some more throwing weapon.
Thanks for listening to the community

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On 5/6/2020 at 2:02 PM, Truly Yours said:

Hoping to have more weapons that fire projectiles.

Also please add Finishing move's to add more to combat...! It's looking pretty standard at the moment...

Bruh.....lmao they're children trying to survive in the wilderness, not martial arts experts. They don't know anything about combat finishing moves hahaha it should he standard just as it is.

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On 5/6/2020 at 2:13 PM, Truly Yours said:

Add backpack customization and special ones you can find throughout The Backyard in secret areas guarded by unique insects.

Speaking of backpacks, yes. I would like to be able to craft a bigger backpack to add to more carry capacity. A larger inventory. As it stands, the carry capacity just isn't enough after you load up all your gear for doing supply runs, you can't carry as much and have to make multiple trips which can be exhausting at times.

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personally id like to see seasons, but  i know how much of a mountain that would be as well...rare spawns....as well as means of advancing from stone age with higher tech looking stuff, oh yah did i mention Pvp!? but i would like an AUTOSORT BUTTON For my Loot That goes into chests while im near a chest that has the same items in it, takes up a preposterous amount of time to sort inventory!?! 

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This game rocks! After reading everyone’s inputs I love all the ideas and would like to second a few! I really like the idea of a enemy that hides from you especially if it’s a mantis! I think it would be really cool to possibly tame creatures and ride or fly them! Having projectiles and zip lines and climbing gear I feel like are a must in this game! Any who can’t wait to see where the backyard takes us! 

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The ability to edit/ change already built structures, as well as the ability to move built items like storage containers, water collectors, and pallets. would make building a base much less aggravating if I didn't have to deconstruct and reconstruct every time I didnt like the way something looked.

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- Could you please save our inventory's items position? When we respawn and take back our backpack, everything is in disorder. It's a pain to put back everything in place.

- For decorative purpose, could we get a "half wall" so that I don't fall in the stairs' hole in my house or to build a nice balcony?

- Could we have butterflies flying in the sky? Just because they are beautiful :)

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First I will my original thoughts, but am reading other and will give my thoughts after that as well, all in the same post. I want to give my original thoughts, even if they are repeated, just so it is known that it is yet another tally mark on adding it to the game. several are related to building, as I spent a bit of time in creative for test building a house before actually building. also, some of my ideas (which aren’t many) would be kinda obvious things, that are very possibly already being added. I also want to comment on others' suggestions to either say i want or dont want something.

I also included this in a word doc as I had a lot to say, sorry haha.


Grounded Feedback.docx

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Didnt realize there was a second forum page.
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17 hours ago, Tankbros13 said:

Huge fan of your firm. You make amazing games. Would love to see a third person option in grounded. I glitched the game and got to run around a little in third person and o found it was 100x more enjoyable.

Hey my man, there is 3rd person on pc at least. the default key is U, but idk if there is third person on xbox if you're on that.

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Please make it so when an item is in your hotbar, it doesn't take up inventory space.

Also, there is a problem when you have two of one tool - it is hard to keep the more used-up tool in the hotbar. Too often have to fight to get the wanted one equiped. Please make it easier to chose which one to equip and stay equiped.

Third suggestion: when you retrieve your items from your backpack, have your hotbar and previously equiped armor restored to its rightful place.



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I guess I'll add on to this list:

  • Tier 4 creatures like mice, squirrels, hummingbirds, small lizards, daddy long- legs, roaches, centipedes, moths, and scorpions
  • Shields and swords
  • Glass, charcoal, thorns, wire, and paper for tier 3 tools and weapons
  • Stun and fire arrows
  • Incendiary bombs
  • New biomes (ash- lands; freezing biome; sandbox; etc.)
  • A target that can be set down on the floor and shot at
  • More traps (like a web trap)
  • Soups and more smoothies
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i have been a long time player of grounded. I started playing at 1.0 but that doesnt matter. i had an idea for the shed. Next to the shed there could a knocked over freezer. My idea could be a little hole to enter the freezer and it leads you into a cold biome. there could possible be a little bit of story or there could be a new item. Thats my suggestion hopefully you will consider it. 

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