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Konstanter chanter (skald) spells missing from his spell bar ?

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Two minutes ago i recruited Konstanted as chanter (subclass scald) this time, and immediadly started ranking him up while i was at 2nd floor of the tavern (i am level 20), problem is I notified some spells i bought (spent abilities point in) are not appearing in his spell bar ???

Tier I :   And Hel-Hyraf Crashed Upon the Shields (remove armor from enemies)
Tier II :
White Worms Writhed in the Bellies of the Dead (white worms on dead bodies)

Tier IV : Oh, but Knock not on the Door of Urdel and Gurdel (Two ogre summon)

Is Konstanten bugged as Chanter skald, does anybody know why this is happening ? I ranked him until lv 14, and those are the only spells missing.
I will reload a save, and retry to rank him up ... The three abilities missing are upgraded ...

Edit : I reloaded a save prior recruiting Konstanten, and recruited him and i directly went out of the tavern, and started to rank him up, no problem abilities were here until i reach lv 5 and upgrade And Hel-Hyraf Crashed Upon the Shields it was removed from Tier 1 spell and appeared in Tier III spells, the same happened with each spells (ability) i upgraded...

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If you upgraded those invocations, you need to look at a higher "tier" level, not the level that you originally got them at. This is just a thing for chanters - upgrades for invocations I think in the background are actually just new invocations that delete the older invocation, so they only just appear at the higher tier (even though they have a cheaper cost than expected for that tier).

This does mean that if you have a keyboard shortcut for an invocation, you need to update them after upgrading it.

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Yes, that's most likely the reason. The first time I played Chanter I couldn't find my skeletons anymore after upgrading. ;)

The upgrade changes the icon (sometimes drastically) and the name and the Power Level tier in which it is sorted into (I, II, III, IV and so on - on the action bar). 

Urdel and Gurdel, once upgraded, is named "for they to enjoy stomping your head" but the icon should be pretty similar and easy to find on the bar (just red instead of orange).

Hel Hyraf turns into "the shield cracks" which has a broken blue shield on a green background (iirc). That's pretty different from the original Hel Hyraf icon at a glance. 

If you didn't even upgrade those on Konstantel then something is off though.


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