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In the first game I happened to finish Aloth's companion quest before going to the White March, so I dropped him when I picked up new companions there. He remained at Caed Nua the rest of the game.

Now that I've picked him up in Pillars 2, I'm trying to play him as a straight wizard class. Are there any suggestions how he should be built? I found the magic system in POE 1, with the fiddling and constant swapping of grimoires rather annoying. Now that the system's changed in POE 2 I want to try to see if I can bring Aloth all the way to the end game.

My current party consists of my main character (rogue cipher), Serafen (barb), Eder (fighter), Xoti (priest) and Aloth. My party is at level 7.


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Ascaloth posted a great build for Aloth last month. It's geared for end game equipment. Around 7th level, I'd recommend that you get him the Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry at the Dark Cupboard, for the extra cast per level, and then get Rekvu's Fractured Casque in Delver's Row. With the casque equipped, he's immune to interrupts so long as he has an injury, negating the downside to using this grimoire. And you can get him a minor injury, acute rash, by having him repeatedly cast Necrotic Lance on himself out of combat until he knocks himself unconscious. Whenever you rest, just repeat this to get him the rash again. It's kind of funny, as it seems to suit his somewhat unpleasant personality. And you can set him up with this equipment as soon as you arrive in Neketaka.  (edited for accuracy)

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Try Ninagauth or Concelhaut grimoire, or even Snakeskin , those grimoire have unique spells, and you don't need to kill yourself mean one extra chance if the wizard fall in battle ...
Have a look on this topic, i was using Ninagauth and Concelhaut grimoire in POE1 they are veru good, OK Concelhaut hammer got very very nerfed but it is still nice... I prefer Ninagauth btw. Snakeskin unique spell was doing huge damage on my wizard watcher and i tried it on Aloth and it seem it don't work as well as it was working on my wiz. watcher...


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You can build him as a wizard and wreck face with his spells and Caedebald's Blackbow ranged attacks. Most people will tell you to go full wizard and I have to admit it's not wrong.

Although I recently went Wizard/Fighter with him and put him as a front line tank and he absolutely destroyed everything. Fighter and Wizard give so much defensive options that he can tank for days. give him some good weapons and he's decent offensively as well. Even if he doesn't get any damage buffs from classes. Other than Citzal's Martial Power. He can reliably crit this way and also has access to Mob Stance and Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage. It's pretty funny to see him be so effective at melee. he will draw all aggro and disrupt everyone. Makes fights very easy.

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Check out Spirit Lance + Mule Kick for laughs.  :) Clear Out + Lance is quite jawdropping.

Also Spellblade is nice. You can give him a rod + Blast, I'd recommend Watershaper's Focus,  and then apply Deep Wounds, Arterial Strikes, Gouging Strikes and most notably Toxic Strikes in an AoE. Once Ondra's Wrath gets triggered it gets all the goodies from Rogue like Deep Wounds, Sneak Attack, Deathblows etc. 

That way you can apply rogue stuff in an AoE with rel. little Guile before (or after) you run out of wizard spell uses - which is nice in the early game (where spell uses are so scarce). 

Nannasin's Cobra Strike has high base damage and is very good with a Spellblade. Very powerful single target tool. 

Concelhaut's Draining Touch (do not learn it, use it from a grimoire and switch the grimoire after summoning in order to keep it for the whole fight) has the highest base damage of any one handed weapon afaik and targets Will instead of Deflection. It also weakens the enemy and drains health. Give Aloth a club + modal in the offhand, summon Draining Touch and switch grimoire, cast Miasma, then attack the debuffed enemy with Full Attacks like Crippling Strikes. He will have absurdly low Will and Draining Touch will nearly always crit, doing very high damage. 

So - Aloth can be great with all his possible multiclasses.

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