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The Outer Worlds Patch 1.3 Release Notes

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Greetings fellow spacers,

The next time you launch The Outer Worlds, you should see Patch 1.3 ready for downloading and installing! The patch has been released for players across all platforms, and it is required in order to fix specific issues and apply any changes included. If you do not see this update right away, please know that it may take some time to populate and become available.

Changes/fixes that are included in this patch are as follows:

Top Community Requests:

  • Added a setting to adjust the size of text throughout most UIs
  • Updated font colors to improve visibility
  • Updated NPC corpses to remain interactive even when they have no items to loot
  • Added support for ultra-wide monitors (loading screens & cinematics)
  • Added the ability to toggle sprinting so the player can continue moving without holding any buttons
  • Added functionality to see beacons for inactive quests while viewing maps
  • Added an option to show the HUD reticle only when aiming down weapon sights


  • Fixed an audio inconsistency with skill button presses


  • Fixed an issue where the Extra Paranoid flaw debuff could become permanent after fast-travelling out of a restricted area
  • Improved the quality of item drops when killing Manti-Queens
  • Fixed an issue where corpses would consume Adreno from their inventories
  • Increased the rate of casual clothing items dropping in containers and in townie NPC inventories
  • Fixed an issue with some SuperNova effects being removed when entering conversations
  • Fixed the effects of Encumbrance not working correctly with the Confidence Perk
  • Fixed an issue where the player could become immune to melee damage after dodging through Raptidon spit
  • Fixed the Level 40 Inspiration unlock not working correctly after level transitions
  • Fixed an issue that caused players suffering from Hunger, Thirst, or Exhaustion to die instantly when using the Electro-Charged Surface armor mod and equipping a melee weapon


  • Fixed an issue where players could not speak to ADA if they neared the end of the game without any companions


  • Added a setting to invert the X-axis


  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be permanently stuck in the Modding UI at a workbench
  • Locked doors will now show the name of the corresponding keycard if the player doesn't have the skill or mag-picks required to pick the lock
  • Fixed the player's level being incorrect in the Vendor UI
  • Fixed an issue where gamepad users could become permanently stuck in the inventory menu
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the image of the player to briefly disappear from the inventory screen
  • Fixed formatting issue with colons in French localization
  • Fixed the AoE Radius stat on flamethrowers displaying as 0
  • Fixed an issue with Japanese and Chinese characters not displaying correctly when the language is set to Korean
  • Fixed an issue with nonfunctional UI prompts when modding items with a single mod slot
  • Fixed an issue in the Japanese localization of Vending Machine text
  • Fixed an issue when trying to break down items directly from containers
  • Added an option to trigger the Idle Camera from the Pause Menu
  • Fixed the Chromatic Aberration setting not saving
  • Fixed Adreno not auto-equipping in the Medical Inhaler correctly if the player was completely out
  • Fixed the tutorial for the Emergency Medical Inhaler repeatedly being marked as Unread


  • Fixed a rare crash when starting a new game
  • Fixed a potential crash after using all of your Adreno and picking up more
  • Fixed an issue causing duplicate stacks of Adreno to persist in the inventory
  • Fixed a rare crash when transitioning between levels
  • Fixed an issue where certain delayed events could occur in a new playthrough after being triggered in a previous playthrough
  • Fixed a rare crash when opening the Inventory
  • Fixed an issue where players would be instantly killed when fast travelling off of a ladder

To continue to report issues you come across and to share suggestions for the game, please visit the Technical Support forums for The Outer Worlds and search to see if a fellow player has already made a thread about it to help reduce duplicate threads. If you find a thread that matches your issue or suggestion, then please feel free to leave a comment and include any details you would like to share.

If you are not able to find a similar thread, then please share it with us on our forums and then visit our publishing partner, Private Division, and share this issue with them through their support website. This will help ensure that your specific issue or suggestion is in their queue and will allow us to prioritize requests to provide the fastest possible turnaround time.

Thank you all for being so awesome, and have fun continuing you exploration through the Halcyon Colony!

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On 3/12/2020 at 8:40 PM, Ham Bergurler said:

does anyone know how to turn on the 21:9 support? im playing on ultra wide but still geting black bars loading and talking with people

Ultra-wide is still not fixed, I cannot select 3440x1440 in fullscreen mode to take advantage of Freesync. I really regret paying for this game that won't play properly  😕

Edited by Raumulus
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Thank you for the update :)

I bought the game several months ago because I love RPG games, but I haven't been able to progress very far (I'm still in the first location and have only played for a few hours) because the game causes me to feel some motion sickness. It isn't the head bobbing thats the problem for me, I don't think, it's the zooming/FOV sprinting effect that causes me the most issues, especially in combat. I'm generally ok with most first person games I've played before (though a friend convinced me to buy Borderlands 2... I had to stop playing after a few minutes because it made me feel nauseous), though I'll always play in third person if I have the option because it lets me see my character, feels more immersive and is less likely to cause sickness for me.

I hope it would be possible for a future update to add an option to remove the sprinting zoom effect so I can play the game without feeling ill? Or maybe a third person option which would fix the issue I'm having also because a third person game has never had the same effect on me. I would really like to play more of the game, but I haven't really played it at all except a few times when I first bought it. I've even been tempted to try to play the game without sprinting, but eh.

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Confirming ultrawide (2560x1080) doesn't work for me either on fullscreen, it forces me to select 1920x1080 and play with black bars still as there is no option for ultrawide resolutions. I was really excited to see in the update notes that ultrawide is finally supported, so I'm not sure what went wrong with the update. Can you please update us and let us know when ultrawide fullscreen mode will truly be available?

Edited by Matt BK
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The read.me above for 1.3 seems pretty clear that apparently the only Ultrawide support is for loading screens & cinematics.

"Added support for ultra-wide monitors (loading screens & cinematics)"


It's very well known that I don't make mistakes, so if you should stumble across the odd error here and there in what I have written, you may immediately deduce--quite correctly--that I did not write it... :biggrin:

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Can you all please enable 3rd person and over the shoulder view modes in the next patch?  Also can you add a new giant creature named "The Submerger".  This character drags you under ground and saves you for dinner later.  Her web like adhesive heals youd hp while in her grasp.  Eventually by subdueing her she can become a companion.  Just a little razzle dazzle i came up with.

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Late to this, but great update! Text size was much needed, and idle camera button is a cool option. Regarding the idle camera, I think it would be nice if we could manually adjust the camera angle ourselves. The angle of the rotating camera isn't great for screenshots.

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