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New Install, Win 10, Can't change Trial of Iron or Expert Mode

Robert Smith


Thought I'd posted this yesterday, no sign, so trying again.

Bought Obsidian edition from GOG a few days ago, installed yesterday. Install went okay, but options for Trial of Iron and Expert mode are both ON and can't be turned off. Closed and restarted, no change. Rebooted, no change. Thought it might be Razer Cortex messing things up; turned that off, no change. Do NOT want to reinstall - 50 gigs of upping and downing with no guarantee of success. Right now thinking refund, but if there's a fix I'd love to hear of it. There are postings from two YEARS ago with this problem on other platforms, and no sign of a solution. If it helps, possible relevant hardware spec is:

Windows 10 Pro 

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

Sapphire Radeon Ntro+ RX 590 

Razer Deathadder Elite Mouse, with Razer Cortex installed

ASUS Prime X470-Pro mobo


Any assistance gratfully accepted!

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Just to add to this, I tried all the obvious solutions - using GOG's version of the file checker to verify file integrity, and rebooting, and reinstalling. 

Which added a new wrinkle. The uninstaller left files that I could not delete. Administrator privileges didn't help, nothing has helped so far, so I now have an install directory that can't be reused, and a whole directory tree that can't be deleted. Absolutely not impressed. Surely someone else has had these problems? 


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My guess is it's an ownership problem. If the system doesn't know who the owner of the folder is, it may not know who has what permissions over the folder. Have you tried changing the folder's owner (in the second screen just above the Effective Access tab). You obviously need admin permissions to take ownership of a folder.

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