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Hmm the more I study next Gen consoles, the more I like.  Microsoft has a performance standard of 4k60-120fps with Series X, which utterly destroys One X standard of 4k30-60fps.

If you're willing to drop several hundred on a 4k 120hz TV....there's really not much more you could want in gaming, unless you're super autistic like me and needs ultra high refresh rates/fps with the perfect resolution for the right size screen.

The magic here is that even though QLED TV's are notoriously high on lag times (double digit ms, yuck!) with consoles everyone else also has it, plus QLED TV's have deeper blacks, which is a great trade off.

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1 hour ago, Keyrock said:

I thought the first installment was Drakengard? 🤔

Well, yes, kinda. Nier is a spinoff based on one of the endings of Drakengard.



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May I ask you a favor:

may you wishlist this game?


I backed this out during kickstarter and now devs are struggling to get exposure and wishlist entries.... they are not planning a Epic switch?

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