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Baldur's Gate 3 - the 2nd thread

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2 hours ago, Skarpen said:

I personally don't like rolls in video games because there usually is no scenario for unsuccessful roll or scenario is unplayable. Like in some games failing to pickpocket makes everyone in town hostile. What should a player do? Load a save game, that's what.

Second, if there is always a slight chance of success there is an opportunity for min maxing where you don't put point's in those abilities, because if you need to roll them you can save/load your way to success. 

Far better mechanic for video game is 0/1 approach. Either you have the skill (or appropriate level of it) or you don't. So if you want to open every chest then you need to hone your skill, if you want charm your way out then you have to develop your persuasion etc.

Sure, if it's a binary choice between either design, I'll go for the skill threshold too.

But I'd instead prefer a system that lets the player deal with the consequences of actions that carry a degree of uncertainty. So instead of psychically turning the entire village permanently hostile ‑locking you out of content‑ on a failed pickpocket roll, a system that expands on the way DOS2 does it where the guards are called and then they try to arrest you, would be preferable. A failed pickpocket roll becomes content rather than a not-so-subtle encouragement to quick load.

At the end of the day it's a question of resources, and personally I'd much rather have said resources allocated to developing interesting systems and mechanics than all the bells and whistles that are more easily marketable but don't add much play to a game.

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