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Talking Hardball. The 2020 Baseball Thread

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Used to get free pan pizzas from Dominoes years back whenever a no-hitter was...uh, hit. Hm, that doesn't sound right. Always thought Dominoes' tomato sauce tasted like trash, so I always got them with no sauce...ended up converting me to sauceless pizzas in general, actually, though as of the past few years I can't really eat much pizza at all for dietary reasons. I think Papa Johns then became their main pizza sponsor, and didn't do anything fun like that, :(.

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We used to get a Round Table personal pizza whenever the Sharks scored 4 goals (you had to show a ticket for the game.) But then the Sharks becaame a decent team and they killed that promotion. :p

No way am I taking a free taco from anyone wearing Dodger blue! 

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I miss Round Table. I loved that place as a kid but they closed all the ones near us and I think the only one left in AZ is in Yuma. The closest to me now is probably in Vegas

Go baseballs! See, I'm on topic

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Free games updated 3/6/19

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I aged 5 years in the 9th inning of the ALCS. I aged another 5 last night. The Rays don't win any way but close! 

Get off my lawn!

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