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4 minutes ago, Mannock said:

Yes, but you take the stairs inside that room and go up, and you'll be on the roof, shown in the screenshot of your original post.

And here silly me really thought for a minute that from there on people who got lost in a game with emphasis on exploration could find their way by themselves...  ;)

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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2 hours ago, Boeroer said:

Ach when I think about it: who am I to judge. I have a sense of direction like a headless chicken at best (my wife always makes fun of me), so... :)

They don't say "ach", they say "ac", ekera...;)

Pillars of Eternity PS4 - RPG fan - Native language French, so please forgive my poor English speaking ...

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4 hours ago, Mannock said:

Yes, there are stairs to the right in the room, which you can ascend.

Console version is quite buggy, sometimes these transition markers do not show up or, when they do, when activated/clicked send characters off to the other side of the map for some reason or another ...

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