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First Off, Great game.. until you get deeper into it.

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Then it's just a massive buggy mess.

Crashes all the time, like every 20-30 mins, just straight CTD's.. upgrading stuff, can't exit the menu, which is a soft crash, have to force exit game and go from last autosave, therefore loosing hours of gameplay time.

You literally end up having to upgrade, save, upgrade save, upgrade.. and so on.  Dreadful system.

Without causing spoilers.. I can only say, once you leave the first world.. the game just starts falling apart. 

Get it fixed.. £50.. and that's the kind of quality you think you can get away with?

So when can I expect the patch to fix this horrendous flaws? 6 months? 2 yrs? The usual? Never..   I knew I shouldn't have bought this.

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