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Question: Policy towards fan-generated content

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Looking for a member of the Dev team to answer this one:

I'm kicking around the idea of putting together a site that has craft projects from the perspective of a character who's not in the game, although she's related to characters in the game, starting with a mock-apple pincushion.  It would wholly be from the POV of this character.  There would also probably be short stories, all of which involve the characters and storylines from the game.

I'm curious as to what Obsidian's thoughts are towards fan-generated content, in particular written stories taking place within the worlds of The Outer Worlds.  It's likely that there's nothing anyone could actually do about it, but what's Obsidian's preference?  Nothing?  Go hog-wild?  Or "it's okay, just include a disclaimer and spoiler warning"?

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Just wanting to note that I found the Community Guidelines for IP use for Pillars of Eternity (here: https://eternity.obsidian.net/eternity/legal/ip-use); however, there's nothing specific to The Outer Worlds and I'm not sure where Obsidian stands wrt licensing (especially with the Microsoft acquisition).

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