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Oooo, this is a good, good catch.  I'm immediately taken straight to Game of Thrones where Cersei gets in league with the Sparrows and it does not turn out particularly well for her.  Although I imagine that the relationship between OSI and the (other) corporations is more stable and collaborative.  

I think that Spacer’s Choice would like to think that OSI is its loyal (and domesticated) defender, and I’m sure OSI likes that Spacer’s Choice (and the other corporations) would think that, but I’m absolutely sure that OSI has its own agenda, too.  In my own headcannon thinking, OSI has a sizable intelligence arm that it occasionally brings to bear to the benefit of individual corporations (or of HHC as a whole), but I think it absolutely has its own agenda as well.  (Back to Game of Thrones: vibes of Varys.)

Thank you for pointing this out!

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