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Family Pride Quest Bug



So, I'm replaying the game because I wasn't 100% satisfied with the ending I got during my other playthrough for my character and I'm doing the Family Pride Questline. I've done everything I did last time in the exact same order for which I got the Peaceful resolution, but this time the game has bugged the quest and now I have no choice but to side with the Valera's because they keep telling me Belda is stuck in the Bardatto vault (despite the fact I stopped the Valera plot like I did last time) 

So I'm stumped and I've tried to find ways to work around or fix the bug so I can get the quest completion I got last time (my character tries to get peaceful/negotiable results so I'd much prefer to be able to finish the quest with the Peaceful ending). Anyone have any suggestions?

And no: I don't have any extra mods that could be bugging the quest either. 

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Hey, y'all finally managed to fix this issue by fiddling with the dialogue packs within the game. Now I've gotten the peaceful solution AND i feel the weight of Pallegina's approval lifting my spirits.

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On 5/15/2018 at 2:59 PM, TempMcGuy said:

Hi! I was able to solve this problem :) (Make a backup of the files you modify!)


To make Atello and Martino not force the vault heist:


Go to your game folder and then to "PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\conversations\03_neketaka_vailian_district".


Open the files "03_cv_martino.conversationbundle" and "03_cv_atello.conversationbundle"


Use Notepad++ to find the line: (search for "n_VD_The_Heist_Valera")






in both of these files.


Then change the "1" to "" (just remove the 1, not the quote marks)




You can also force Ezzali to unlock her negotiations dialogue (not recommended)


In the same folder open "03_cv_ezzali.conversationbundle"


Find the line: (search for "n_BB_Negotiations_Start")


"UnrealCall": "",
"FunctionHash": 901380568,
"ParameterHash": 419339476
"Not": false,
"Operator": 0


Just change the ( "Not": false, to "Not": true,)


Edit: 1: I recommend altering just the Atello and Martino files, the Ezzali edit are just for people who already is working for her or can't unlock the negotiations dialogue.


Edit 2: You have to use the modified Atello and Martino files everytime you talk to them (even after you completed the quest, otherwise it will trigger the vault heist conflict dialogue).

This is the information I used btw, many thanks to the original poster

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