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I've just reinstalled this gameĀ  to eliminate a possible corrupt install but I still have a serious problem. I've never been able to play TOW on this new 4k monitor. The game did play okay on an old 5k>4k Dell monitor but that one has been discarded. The issue shows right from the start screen onwards in the menus. Click-boxes are displaced from the text about 90mm in a SE direction. That means I must find the hot-spot a long way away from the actual menu text. Most menu items are not clickable because the hot-spots are off-screen. I went as far as I could to see the extent of this problem and every menu item behaved the same. The new monitor is a ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27UQ. The old monitor was a 5k Dell run at 4k resolution.

I've run other Bethesda games okay including Fallout New Vegas - none show this problem. Only The Outer Worlds does it. I've spent several days researching this and trying various approaches. None have helped.

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In addition, I have a new LG UltraGear 38GL950G 21:9 ultra wide display. Exactly the same problem exists on this one.

Hotspots are offset from menu text items by around 80-90mm south east from the actual text which means most game text onscreen cannot be clicked on. The game is unplayable on two different monitors. This is a serious game-breaking bug.

I omitted before to show some details. Windows 10 fully updated; latest driver for nVidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti; and the game verifies okay.

It seems the moderators have not got around to approving my post (or otherwise). The delay is not appreciated. I am desperate to play this game and need help to fix it.

Thanks for your interest.


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