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Disappearing Outfit? [Spoiler]

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On my second playthrough on the PS4.  The PS4 is claiming that my copy of The Outer Worlds is up to date, patch-wise.  

During the "Don't Bite the Sun" quest (Parvati's companion quest), I shifted the companions (Max and Parvati) into regular clothing: he in his vicarly duds, and her into a regular outfit with a brown leather jacket (90% sure it's one of the Town & Country sets).  I'd been doing this throughout the game: when my character heads out on standard vendor-selling trips, she and her companions usually shift out of their armor into regular clothing.  

At any rate, after we'd picked up Parvati's outfit from Jolicoeur, we headed back to Groundbreaker.  During the part where you're supposed to check on how the date is going, I noticed that Parvati was wearing the brown leather jacket outfit, and not the fancy outfit from the Haberdashery.  

After the date, all seemed well, and I shifted Parvati back into her armor.  Then today I noticed that her brown leather jacket outfit was no longer in my inventory (my character usually carries that one, Max's, and the outfit I've picked out for my character as a matter of course, since she usually goes out with Max and Parvati).  I thought that perhaps I'd accidentally sold it to Ike or Belle on the Groundbreaker Promenade, so I double-checked the buy-back feature and nope, neither of them had it.

I suspect that somehow the Jolicoeur outfit got bound up with the brown leather jacket outfit, and when the mission completed, both disappeared.  

It's not a huge deal, but I was fond of that outfit.  It suited Parvati (and Felix, too).  I'm sure I will find another copy if it somewhere. : )

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Noticed another super weird occurrence: after Phineas is detained (I'm on the "you're a good guy" track), I returned to the ship.  I had dispatched some UDL types who dropped armor, so I put the Captain and Max into new UDL armor.  I then returned to the Unreliable and changed my character and Max into their regular street-going wear.  I was thinking to make a quick round to Groundbreaker to sell off some inventory.  Of course, when I went to the navigation computer to set course for the Groundbreaker, ADA informed me that the crew wanted to talk to me.  Fade screen, fade back in to a view of the dining area and everyone's in their armor...and Max is wearing his vicar tunic along with the raised white shoulderpads from his UDL armor.  It was disconcerting (and hilarious) to have this whole dialog going on with this weird "wardrobe malfunction" right in the middle of the screen, on my favorite companion no less.  After I opted to wait before going on the Tartarus run, I took Max to Groundbreaker as previously planned, and the transition to the docking bay seemed to bring him back from the depths of the 1980s into 2355 where he belongs*. Whew! 


*If Felix gives him problems, I'm not sure he'd survive "New Kids on the Block"


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