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Dancer's Outfit of the falling star

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This should be straight forward enough, though be aware this won't affect any versions of the item that might already be in your inventory/stash.

Start by creating a new mod file in notepad (or your choice of code editor).



Template for a new mod in case you need it.

Open items.gamedatabundle (if you haven't already you should format this to JSON for readability) find the item you'd like the effect applied to (The Dancer Outfit is called "Cloth_Outfit_Brothel" in this file). Copy all of the code for it and then paste it into your mod file.


if you are using the template paste the code over "(PASTE OBJECT HERE)".

Then find the item with the effect you want to apply (Cape of the Falling Star can be found in laxd_items.gamedatabundle). Copy the "ItemModsIDs": line, and paste it over the similar line in your mod file.

Then the usual: save your mod file as a .gamedatabundle , place it into a new folder inside the "override" folder.

Start the game, find a vendor (Rebero sell the Dancer Outfit) or a place you can loot the item. The item should now grant the effects you've applied to it.

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