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The Outer Worlds Soundtrack is now Available!

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Greetings employees of Halcyon,

 We are thrilled to share with all of you that The Outer Worlds soundtrack is currently available to listen to on Amazon Music and is being made available on multiple streaming services over the upcoming weeks! We are so excited to be able to get this out to all of you and hope you enjoy listening to the soundtrack outside of the game.

Soundtrack Locations (will be updated with links as the soundtrack is released on these platforms):

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support, and we hope you all enjoy listening to The Outer Worlds wherever you are!
Now we would like to allow Justin Bell, Obsidian's studio Audio Director and the composer for The Outer Worlds, to share a message with all of you:

Almost every day since The Outer Worlds' release, I've received messages of appreciation from folks who played the game and enjoyed its soundtrack. Many have wondered where they can listen to it online. Many more have sat on the main menu, volume full blast, unable to start the game because they have been transfixed by the title theme. To all of you who have been moved by TOW's score, I want to say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart. Your support is incredibly meaningful and is a continual source of inspiration for me.

I'm so happy we're finally able to share the soundtrack to The Outer Worlds with you. Thank you for your patience and enjoy your musical journey throughout the Halcyon Colony!

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