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First of:

Congrats on getting unreal to mostly behave. Its impressive to see and play a title developed with the engine that implements most of its quirks quite elegantly.

Moving on and  With that in mind...

 There are ways to extend the loading screen and prevent the texture popping effect that is basically Iconic of unreal. I would have loved to not see this effect at all. I'm sure some of your team agree. It also kills immersion.

My personal gripes with UMG aside, I would really love it if in future versions you guys converted the text at the bottom to actually clickable buttons. It took about a hour or so of gameplay to get used to not being able to click those via mouse.

The character hair shading model could use some work. I'm guessing the project is bound to a version pre the newer built in hair shader with the - mind you its quirky anyway - scatter... In the end, it's not horrible and it does somewhat fit the art style. Not sure how likely it is to see any changes to this, but it's one of my very few issues with the game.

For some reason, UMG and FPS become really low - though this may be the effect of a time dilation - if you attempt to load a game while dying. Could likely pause the game and set the dilation to 1 while the menu is open even whilst dying and resolve this.


Overall, this game was the Fallout4 we never got. Way better in every aspect, down to the not so usual or predictable story. I'm very impressed. As a developer too... Getting smooth FPS with unreal at 4k seems like black magic some times ;P


I would love to see some of your team give tech talks on things and inner working specific to the game.

For instance the smooth loading system interaction with the unreal landscape - are you guys even using the unreal landscape tools? By how fast and smooth the game goes my $ is on No...

Regardless thanks for making an awesome game.

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